A Christmas Tree Tour
Afternoon Check-in :)

More Snow Pics!

Well, it just snowed and snowed and snowed yesterday! Another four inches on top of all the snow we had already (which was about a foot and a half, I think). And since we were able to just stay in, it made for a very cozy, snowbound kind of day. :) It was hard to tear ourselves away from the windows for very long. We had so many visitors coming and going (of the feathered and furred variety, that is). I took lots of pictures throughout the day, and share some below ...

Now, today should be cloudy and cold, and I've got to leave this cozy nest of mine for a while. Bill is home and has begun his holiday vacation (yay!) so I'll leave the boys in his able hands and venture forth into the bustle to finish some last minute errands. First stop: the post office! Yes, I did get *some* of the cards done last night, but I'm waiting for Bill to finish printing the rest of the boys' pictures before I can do more. 

So here's how the backyard looked last yesterday afternoon (I took it through glass, so those are the family room lights shining through):


Oh, this was funny. One squirrel was trying his darndest to climb up the "squirrel proof" feeder that hangs just outside this window. He kept ending up falling down onto on the narrow sill (sometimes successfully, sometimes not - and then we'd look for the "body" down below). Then he'd sit there and peer in at us (and our cat) as if to say, "A little help here?"


Below is a picture of the Carolina wren (top) and downy woodpecker "sharing" the suet. Lol, these birds never like to share, but I guess stormy weather changes the rules . Or it could be the Christmas spirit. ;)


The holes you see below are burrows made by the clever squirrels. They find the stash that's been snowed under and then create these little caves where they can eat in peace.


This picture was taken face to face. That is, not through a window and not zoomed in. I was filling the feeders, and looked up to spy this fellow comfortably munching away, not concerned in the least that I was right there.


Any snow pictures must include a cardinal ... and here he is (the red fellow at top) joined by another favorite snowbird, the junco.


And another cardinal shot ... do you see his mate waiting patiently for her turn?


These were some tracks I spied in the snow as I filled the feeders. We have yet to look them up in our field guide. I think maybe they're just squirrel tracks but it would be very exciting if they were rabbit tracks as Bookworm suggested.


OK, one more sip of coffee and I'm off. I hope you have a good day, wherever it takes you!