Crafting a Calendar
Crafting a Calendar, Part 2

My Weekly Homekeeping Routine

"Keeping a house in order means having everything in its place in every room. It means sweet, fresh air in every room; it means removal of dust and litter. A good housekeeper tidies her rooms as she goes along, always picking up anything that is out of place and putting it where it belongs. But she also has an order for doing things. Perhaps she sweeps the entire house every day or every other day, or perhaps she puts one room in order on one day and another on another and so on. The important thing is to have a regular plan."

(From Scouting for Girls: The Original 1920 Handbook)

I've been working on my homekeeping routines for a while now, so you would think, given how much time I've spent on them, they would be firmly committed to memory. And quite possibly, they are. But remembering what needs to be done is just half the battle - we all know a list only gets you so far. A busy mum needs a strategy for actually making it happen.

Do I have a list? Yes. I have lists in spades.

Do I have a strategy in place? Well, almost ... but not quite.

First off, all the tasks in my routine really are necessary. As I tell Bill when I show him the rather lengthy list, I'm not making any of this stuff up, lol. Each task plays its part in keeping our home (and family and homeschool) humming along nicely. But why is it so hard to stick with a routine? Do you find that to be so? Or am I just woefully lacking in domestic discipline? ;)

I'm pretty sure the issue lies within the parameters of delegation and time. For one thing, I need to ask for more help (it simply can't all be done by one person). And for two, I need to remind myself - at least a few times a day - of what needs to be done. I need some kind of daily visual reminder, because goodness knows, my brain can't keep track of it all on its own.

We all know that when you're a parent (and particularly if you're a homeschooling parent) your day begins at the get-go. And it's a full one. Your mommy brain is filled to the brim within minutes of waking (mainly because it never cleared space from the day before) and you just set yourself on auto-pilot, putting out fires as they come at you. Sometimes it's easy to lose track of what day it is even! (I don't mean to speak for you, but it's happened to me on occasion.) ;)

So about that daily visual reminder - well that's in the works. (In fact, my printer is chugging away as I type up this post.) But for now, and without further ado (I'm always long on ado), here is my weekly homekeeping routine:


  • clean the bedrooms:
    • strip beds (launder bedding)
    • open windows
    • neaten, dust/wipe surfaces
    • vacuum
    • remake beds with fresh linens
  • do laundry (bedding first, then clothing)


  • clean the upstairs bath:
    • empty trash bin
    • launder towels and mats
    • wash counters, walls and other surfaces
    • clean the toilet (in and around)
    • wash out sink (including drain)
    • rinse out toothbrush and soap holders
    • rinse out tub/wipe edges and around drain
    • wipe down shower doors
    • sweep and mop floor (before bed)
    • wash medicine chest front
    • check linen closet for supplies (add to marketing list)
    • hang fresh towels; lay out fresh mats
  • continue laundry (towels first, then clothing)
  • wash cat dishes thoroughly
  • groom cats


  • clean the kitchen:
    • neaten and wash down countertops
    • wipe up windowsill
    • wash out sink (flush drains with boiling water)
    • wipe stovetop and vent hood
    • wipe up appliances
    • sweep and mop floor (before bed)
    • clean out cabinets, refrigerator and freezer of any old food
    • wipe down refrigerator shelves; neaten refrig. front
  • finish up any remaining laundry (soak and wash dishcloths)
  • start marketing list (note things needed)
  • organize trash and recycling


  • put out trash and recycling
  • wash out trash bin
  • clean the living room and family room:
    • neaten (de-clutter)
    • straighten bookcases
    • wipe surfaces
    • wash front door glass
    • wipe phones, computers, clickers
    • straighten couch cushions (vacuum if needed)
    • wash entryway floor
    • vacuum carpets
  • sale flyers arrive: look over specials
  • work on marketing list
  • work on menu plan for next week
  • go through in-box
  • look at next week's file folder and calendar
  • begin a weekend errand list


  • clean the learning (dining) room:
    • neaten/de-clutter
    • straighten bookcase and learning display
    • wash tabletop and wipe chairs
    • wash window panes
    • vacuum
  • finalize errands list, marketing list
  • organize coupon packet
  • go through school bags
  • round up library returns
  • prepare newspaper payment
  • general tidy-up for weekend


  • put out newspaper payment
  • run errands (library, post office, etc.) and do grocery shopping
  • miscellaneous home, garden & auto maintenance
  • neaten/restock birdfeeders
  • neaten downstairs playroom
  • catch up on correspondence
  • organize receipts; update budget
  • make library requests
  • print library sheet
  • file away last week's papers, etc.
  • update clipboard for next week
  • work on next week's lesson plan
  • bake for Sunday breakfast
  • lay out church clothes; prepare collection envelope


  • Mass
  • Breakfast with Mum and Dad
  • clip coupons
  • read papers and newsmagazines
  • finalize lesson plan
  • prepare learning display, worktable and school bags
  • work in journal
  • Sunday Dinner
  • bring laundry downstairs for Monday morning

Now, the tricky part will be fitting these weekly tasks in and around the already fairly full daily routine. But the real challenge will be finding the extra "oomph" in my day to get all these things done. (And still have time to blog about it all, lol.)

And since oomph is best achieved by getting a good night's sleep, I'm off now to do just that. :)

Good night, everyone! (And Go Pats!)