A Winter Science Experiment
Gingerbread Goodness!

Winter World


Though still shy of the solstice by more than a week, we are nonetheless in winter's icy grip. The boys and I were mesmerized by it all on our way to and from Earlybird's therapy today. Camera ever-at-the-ready, I took some pictures of what we saw ...


A humble patch of grass ...


A juniper sprig ...


Frostbitten spirea ...


Cattails and whatnot, just off the exit ramp (and that would be an azalea at the top) ...


All but the last photo were taken early in the day, as the sun was just climbing the sky. That sun really made everything sparkle! The last photo of the cardinal pair I actually took just now (4:30 p.m.) as I typed up this post. I love how cardinals make dusk their time of day.

I hear parts of the country are suffering the ice much worse than we are, and yet others are having themselves quite a warm spell these days! Well, whatever your weather, I hope you're enjoying it - or at least making it through!

Have a good night, everyone. :)