Crafting a Calendar, Part 3
New Year's Goals

Happy 2008!

And Best Wishes for a Blessed New Year! :)

It is common practice at the turn of the year to look backWishingnewyear_3 over the past 12 months in fond review. The wonderful thing about blogging is, you have a visual and descriptive diary of your family's whole year. I don't usually read back over my blog, but today I am going to do just that. Would you care to join me? :)

In January, we all had fun with the alphabet meme, I showed you my craft bins, I shared how I plan lessons and we celebrated my birthday, my grandma's and Crackerjack's first reconciliation.

In February, we had tea and crafts days for St. Brigid, Abraham Lincoln and Shrove Tuesday, we attended our homeschool Heritage Day, I hosted a Late Winter Field Day and we honored Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent.

In March, we met 4Real friends in Boston, Bookworm had teeth pulled (and so did the cats), we celebrated the lovely March feasts and attended a train show, while I marked my first year of blogging.

In April, we honored Holy Week and celebrated the beautiful Easter holiday with our family, we looked under leaves for signs of spring, I hosted an Early Spring Field Day and Crackerjack started soccer.

In May, I revealed the contents of my bag and reveled in the spring garden. I whipped up a makeshift apron for Apron Day and remembered the gifts of motherhood. We spied lots (and lots) of spring birds and rejoiced in Crackerjack's First Holy Communion.

In June, we explored the farm, dinosaurs and the backyard and I hosted a Late (Late) Spring Field Day. Bookworm turned 12 and we celebrated with friends and family. Meanwhile I spent time refreshing the files ...

In July, we had fun on the fourth and one more party for Bookworm. The meez craze hit while we marveled over one giant hairy arachnid. I talked (a lot) about my journals and worked on some themes and plans.

In August, we wahooed at VBS, Crackerjack turned 8 (with a Toontown party) and I spoke at the 4Real Conference. With an eye towards fall, we gathered our school supplies, and revisited the learning room.

In September, we put in time at the beach and I put up jars of picalilli. I shared our homeschool story and lots of scientific adventures. We celebrated the Harvest Moon, the Feast of the Holy Cross and Earlybird's first library card!

In October, Bookworm got braces, we went to the Fair, and I savored pretty autumn things. We taste-tested apples and eggnog, walked the autumn trail, and spent Halloween at the farm.

In November, we enjoyed books and bees with our homeschool group, and I hosted the Loveliness of Handmade Gifts. Bookworm attended MIT (for a day), we had crafts, snacks and surprises on Martinmas and a big family Thanksgiving.

In December, we enjoyed holiday stories with friends, early and frequent snowfall, and experimenting with ice. We walked the December trail with our Nature Club and celebrated Earlybird's sixth birthday. Our first bit of Chickadee post arrived, and of course, we topped it all off with a lovely Christmas!

Well, that was quite a year! Looking back over all our family's doings makes me realize what a blessing blogging is ... I would never have all these memories at my fingertips otherwise. So today I am thanking Typepad for coming into my life and enabling my new favorite hobby: writing, photographing, creating, sharing ...

As for all those months of memories, the fantastic thing about life is, we get to do it all over again ...

Here's to a Happy and Healthy 2008!