Notes from a Day
Tea and a Craft: Lovely Doves

Stopping by the Snowy Woods ...

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep ...


... and miles to go before I sleep.

(From Robert Frost's Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening)

I couldn't help but think of this poem as I looked over my pictures from our Nature Club meeting yesterday. Firstly, these are about the snowiest woods I have ever seen! (In person, anyway.) And secondly, it was such a busy day yesterday, and there really were, seemingly, many miles to go and promises to keep before I'd place my tired head on the pillow ...

Doesn't poetry compliment nature so nicely? The two subjects really do go hand in hand. Wouldn't it be a cozy and creative project to collect a whole bunch of winter poems like Frost's - ones that make you glad for the snow and the wind and the frosty weather - and then bind them up in a special book? A scrapbook or lapbook or nature journal, perhaps? Or even, dare I say it, a blog? A blog for just poems about nature and pictures to go along with the prose? Hmmm. I'll think on that one a bit. I've also been thinking about another Field Day. Do you remember those? It's been a while, but maybe its time to start them up again ...

In the meantime, please join us on our walk through the woods ...






And now for the animal tracks we spied. (Any guesses are most welcome!)






It was cold, but a lot of fun~ good to get out in the frosty fresh air!


Happy Friday, folks! Thanks for stopping by our snowy woods today!

(P.S. I completely forgot - it's Poetry Friday! The Roundup is at Becky's this week.)