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A Plan for the Week Ahead

Sunday Plans

"Ah, there's nothing like staying home for real comfort."

This is one of my favorite quotes, and it happens to have been said, or penned rather, by my favorite author, Jane Austen. I believe it comes from Emma, and it so happens I'm going to watch that movie later today. Long-time readers might remember, I have a penchant for watching Austen movies when folding laundry. :)

But the movie and the laundry will have to wait a bit, for in spite of that lovely quote (and the light snow falling here), I am actually going to run out quickly this morning. It is the last day of the Barnes & Noble Educator Week, and I really would like to get the final two Austen novels I do not yet own. And maybe a cinnamon dolce latte while I'm at it. ;)

And speaking of Austen, tonight is the next installment in The Complete Jane Austen series: Mansfield Park, a book I've only just started. Bill and I finally sat down and watched the first presentation, Persuasion, last night. It was quite good! How are you all enjoying the series so far?

OK, I'd better run. The snow is picking up and I want to get there and back again as quickly as possible!

Happy Sunday, everyone!