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Our Faith-at-Home Notebook

I've mentioned this notebook a few times now, and have been meaning to follow up on it. (I've been meaning to do a lot of things, lol, but today is the day for the notebook.)

Basically, I was looking for a way to keep our weeky liturgical plans in order. I thought if I had a notebook where I kept it all together - the plans I make and then the things we do - it would serve as a practical guide and a nice memory book as well.

I chose a plain, see-through, 3-ring binder. (I happened to have an extra on hand.)


For now, I have the calendar page from a magazine in the front panel. It's colorful, in a seasonal way, and shows feast days, holidays and the Gospel for each week. I might try to make something more decorative - a photo collage or some thematic scrapbook paper perhaps. But this works for now.

Inside I have 8 dividers for the year:

  • Ordinary Time (January 14 - February 5)
  • Lent: (February 6 - March 22)
  • Easter: (March 23 - May 11)
  • Ordinary Time (May 12 - November 29)
  • Advent (November 30 - December 24)
  • Christmas (December 25 - January 11)
  • Projects
  • Misc.

Inside the first section I have a certain arrangement of papers, the first set being a printout of the coming Sunday's readings and Gospel:


I printed them on green paper to tie in with the liturgical season. Starting with Ash Wednesday I will begin printing them in lilac. (And so forth through the year.)

After the readings, I file the Mass worksheets we do on Mondays. (We do these informally, but I have found that the boys notice more details now, hoping to answer more questions correctly!) Sometimes our parish bulletin includes a puzzle page for the kids and then I photocopy that for the boys, too.

Next come any photocopies or printouts for the week ahead. I survey my primary liturgical idea books to see what I might like to use - whether it be teaching ideas for the readings, or activities for an upcoming feast day. I also check my favorite online sources. (I try to be realistic about what we can and can't do - there are so many ideas, but some weeks are busier than others.)

Everything gets hole-punched and inserted in the binder. Then, using these sources, I pull together a general plan for the week: What will we read? What will we do? What theme(s) will shape our week? From my seasonal planning I have a general idea what happens and when, but this preparation lets me get more specific. I can only plan so much in advance. :)

Later in the week, after we've had our Faith-at-Home tea (and I've blogged all about it, lol), I print out the post and file it here as well. Below you see the "Lovely Doves" post from last week:


Yesterday, we read the Gospel story in which Jesus chooses his first disciples, Simon-Peter, Andrew, James and John. He calls them to be "fishers of men." Adapting a tip I found in this book, I saved a netted bag from our fingerling potatoes, and tacked it to the bulletin board:


We talked abut how these men were the first disciples of Jesus as well as his friends. I had the boys write their friends' names on multi-colored fish and add them to the net. All this over a lunch of fish sticks, of course. :) A snack of goldfish, gummy fish or cookies like Paula's would work nicely too!

Since I'm not doing a big post about that activity, I'll just print out the above picture and adhere it to a sheet of green paper. I might add a few of their fish for decoration. I will also print out the post we did about the Feast of St. Agnes and our Snowflakes of Kindness.

Today I printed and sorted the papers for next week, which will be, liturgically speaking, a very full week. :)


And if can you believe it, the week after next brings Ash Wednesday! So of course there are Lenten plans to be making this week, too ...

Later this weekend I'll share our plans - liturgical and otherwise - for the upcoming week. But for now, I have a round of cocoa to make. The boys have a friend over and they're knee-deep in Legos as I type up this post. Lol, it's all about Legos, Star Wars and Monster Jam around here lately. So, I'm off to find a quiet corner for my cocoa break ~ 15 minutes of Austen should put me to rights. ;)

Have a good night everyone, and Happy Weekend!