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A Mid-Year Review

Or, What I Did while NOT Watching the Game ... :)

Here's where you would have found me throughout most of the afternoon Sunday: hiding behind stacks of books and papers and planners and magazines and a hot cup of tea for good measure:


Don't get me wrong, I love football games, especially when the Pats are playing. But when we're down to the final few games, I almost never have the stomach to watch, lol! I get so nervous that I usually start puttering about and immersing myself in all kinds of busy-ness ~ checking in on the game every few minutes or whenever Bill lets out an exclamation of one sort or another. ;)


So what I did yesterday was to work on our mid-year review. I basically cleaned out all the school totes, and drew an outline for each subject for the rest of the year. I looked at where we are (as opposed to where I thought we'd be) and considered what's working and what isn't so much.

I now have plan in place for the rest of the year that feels comfortable. I will share that plan in my next post, but for now here are a few more pictures from my puttering ...


A close up of my favorite tea cup which I found at Market Basket last month (for all of 99 cents!) and a lovely coaster I received for my birthday. I collect this particular type of coaster, but I can't find a link and I'm not sure what the brand is (how helpful is that, lol?) but you usually see them in little gift shops. I'm pretty sure my mum picked this one up at Wild Birds Unlimited ~ where I had oohed and aahed over the very same one only a few weeks before. ;)

Oh, hang on ~ I just found them online: they're made by Legacy Publishing. It looks like they're a Massachusetts based company, in fact.

And my piles (how I love piles!):


Newspapers, magazines, books to peruse ... and my journal of course. I always work better when surrounded by my stuff. "Managed" clutter I like to call it.


I made up a new binder today, a teacher's manual of sorts. I filled it with tabs, one for each subject. I re-printed the ed. plans and went over them with a fine-toothed comb (i.e. a highlighter) to see where we need to catch up. (For instance, I completely forgot I said we'd do a state bird notebook this year!)


Once I broke down each subject (by dividing remaining lessons by weeks left in the year) I tweaked our weekly routine. (Please tell me you do this kind of thing, too. I'm not the only one who finds herself off-course in January, am I?)

I then wrote it all out longhand in my journal before typing it up in a word document.


It all looks good on paper, but the proof will be in how much we get done between now and June. And later today (or possibly early tomorrow) I'll post our home learning schedule, and how we're approaching each subject. As for progress, I'll keep you all posted, of course!

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Monday Tuesday, everyone! (No wonder I get off track, lol.) :)