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Bookworm: Boywithbook

He piled the library bag high with his selections last weekend, and he's about halfway through them all. Currently he is reading The Thief Lord. Just finished: Abarat, Capt. Hook: The Adventures of A Notorious Youth and Ranger's Apprentice. Still to go: Finn Family Moomintroll, A Swiftly Tilting Planet and Peter Pan in Scarlet. These are all personal reads ~ his next Book Group title is Lion Boy (he loved it and promptly read the two sequels). Assigned from me for history/science: Archimedes and the Door of Science. I'll let him finish his library reads before he begins that. The Book Group selection for March looks very interesting.


For February Book Group we will read The Penderwicks together (which we haven't begun yet - yikes!). (I see there's a sequel coming out this spring.) On his own, CJ is reading The Hour of the Olympics (Magic Tree House), but I must admit, he is quite absorbed by his Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide; he curls up with it every chance he gets. Next month's Book Group selection will be Dealing with Dragons which we'll read together.


It's all about Groundhog, and pretty much nobody else. ;) He's barely given the new Penguin Chick a second glance, lol. I just bought a *beautiful* edition of The Ugly Duckling which I'll read to him next week. (By the way any book that you can find illustrated by Bernadette Watts is a gem. I looooove her books.)


He's listening to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows during his commute. This is the first time he's "read" it so it's all a big surprise to him. Of course he keeps bouncing his theories off of me, and since I've read the book (um, maybe three times) I try to keep a stone face and not give anything away. He doesn't really want to know, but he can't help discussing it. I can't wait for him to finish so we can really get into it.


Well, I'm still plugging along with Mansfield Park. I like it, but I am finding it a bit on the slow side. Actually it's not really the book's fault; I don't open it until I crawl into bed at night, by which point keeping my eyes open becomes a herculean feat. I bought Persuasion and Northanger Abby over the weekend and I am sorely tempted to jump ship and start reading one of those. But, I think I will press on. I have not yet watched the PBS version - but it's on our Tivo list. I wonder if I should wait or if watching it might make the reading go more smoothly? (That's awful isn't it?) I've heard mixed things about the presentation.

Last night I picked up this book which looks very interesting. It was on the bargain shelf at Barnes & Noble for all of $7.98! Now, lest you think I spend too much time (and money) at the bookstore (which I probably do) I was there for a valid reason: a planning meeting for our upcoming book study on Mittenstrings for God. We had a very good turnout - 11 were present and there are one or two more interested in the study who could not make the meeting. Our first (real) meeting takes place in three weeks. I am eager to re-read MFG and take lots of notes for our discussions.

But tonight, there won't be any reading, no sir. In case you haven't heard, in just about an hour from now the long awaited season premiere of Lost begins! Oh, how I've missed Lost! So I'm off ... but let's all check back in here tomorrow and see what we thought!

Have a good night!