Thursday Thirteen: Miscellaneous Thoughts
Do Homeschoolers Have Snow Days?

For Washington's Birthday (Tomorrow) ~


A link to my post on this day last year: Cherries and Good Cheer. :)

"Let us try through the week's talks, stories, lessons and plays, to draw a clear picture of Washington's impressive character. Let us tell those stories of his childhood, youth and manhood which will enable the children to see for themselves some of his strong and noble traits, instead of merely memorizing the fact that George Washington was a good man from our assertations. The impression upon their minds and hearts will thus be deeper and truer.

"One of my little pupils gave a very appreciative estimate of Washington in answer to her little sister's question as to whether Washington was a king. 'No," said Anna, thoughtfully, 'he was not a king. He was a president; but I think he was a king in his heart.'" (Emilie Poulsson, In a Child's World: Morning Talks and Stories, 1893)

One more quick note before evening sets in. :) Crackerjack's rebounding nicely - his brand new cherry-red backpack arrived via FedEx today ~ that sure perked him up! And so far the rest of us are feeling a-ok. Thanks for your well wishes and prayers, and thanks, too, just for stopping by. See you all sometime tomorrow ...