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Lost Talk Friday

Gumdrop Goodness

Did you know it's National Gumdrop Day? Well, here are a few ideas for you and your children ... if you are so inclined. ;)Gumdroptree

You could:

Now admittedly there are a few potential problems with Gumdrop day. For one thing, it's Lent, and many folks have given up candy. We do not give up sweets for Lent, but since Earlybird can't eat gumdrops (too artificial) and neither can Bookworm (braces, you see), we are, generally speaking, a gumdrop-free household.

However, we might try to make gumdrops as suggested in the first link. Those sound harmless and fun and maybe even a bit like science. ;) I also love the look of those gumdrop ornaments in the last link - they would be sweet made with an egg-shaped base. Wrapped up in little cellophane bags and tied up with ribbon, they would make nice Easter gifts next month.

Well, I'm off for a bit. Happy Friday, my friends ~ relish this day with your dear ones.