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Comfort Food for the Mother's Heart

I'm sure he meant well ...

I was preparing a dish of sour cream chicken for supper, and asked Bookworm to fetch me the peppers from the vegetable bin. So he did, one hand still holding the book he had his nose buried in moments before ... but as he brought me the peppers he spied what I was fixing (his favorite meal) and he said:

"Um ... just make sure there are no peppers touching my piece of chicken. I don't like the pepper taste."

I turned to him, my eyebrows raised, and he quickly replied:

"Not that there's anything wrong with your peppers, of course ..."

Pause (my eyebrows still raised).

"In fact, they're the best peppers I've ever had ... It's just that I don't like peppers."

He smiled. I smiled. And then I turned back to the chicken.

"Come to think of it," he said, as he walked out of the kitchen, "I've only ever tried your peppers ..."