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Little Break

Bumblebeeflower_3I just wanted to mention that posting might be light the next couple of days. It has been an incredibly busy week for us and I just can't see where I'm going to get any blogging done in the near future. (And schoolwork, what's that, lol? Just kidding.) The good news is, we are busy for all kinds of fun reasons - matinee movies, birthday parties, get-togethers (academic and non) and dental appointments. Ok, the dentist would not be qualified as fun per se, but the boys had no cavities! :)

I don't even dare sit down right now because that will spell the end for me, I just know it. And I really want to attend my homeschool group's support meeting tonight. A neuropsychologist will be speaking to us; she supports children with learning differences being homeschooled. (Like I would miss that one!)

But soon it will be the weekend, when I will catch my breath, and find time to post. And I've got so much to post about, too!

So please excuse a little lag in posting. Keep warm and well, and I'll see you all sometime soon!