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Lost Talk Friday

Kim kindly reminded me it's "Lost Talk Friday." :)

I did watch Lost last night, but I'm a bit behind things this morning. In general, I thought the episode was excellent, and I am just completely thrown off by - spoiler alert! - Sayid's flash-forward!

On my mind:

  • What is this "list" he's working on, and is it the same one Ben's people referred to back when the Losties first crashed? You know the one with the good people and the bad people?
  • And speaking of Ben's people - where did they go anyway??
  • And how about the "lost" time issue Dan discovered? How does that figure into all of this?
  • Why couldn't Locke find (see?) the cabin? What is that gray stuff along the perimeter? (Smoke Monster residue?)
  • Do you think Ben's "man on the boat" is someone we know?

I'll just open it up - please leave a comment if you'd like.

So what did you all think ... ?