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Notes for the Week ...

... or what's left of it, lol!

I had meant to post about our plans for this week oh, say, back on Sunday or even early Monday, but it's just been one thing after another around here. I don't even have a real firm plan in place this week - which is so unusual for me! It's all mostly floating around in my head.

What this says to me is that I'm waiting too long to start my week-ahead planning. Ideally I should start around Thursday, but lately it hasn't quite worked out that way. Waiting till the last minute to plan an upcoming week doesn't give me a lot of headway for making library requests, or picking up materals for activities and projects. So I resolve that tomorrow I will start planning NEXT week, in detail. In the meantime I'll try to pull some things together for what's left of this one. :)

To begin with, today is International Polar Bear Day! Here's a link to a post I did on this day last year. And as for our plans this year? Well, had I given myself time, I would have requested An Arctic Tale from the library. (Most local copies are out now.) But, later today I might stop in at the bookstore and pick up Jan Brett's latest, The Three Snow Bears. (Only because we'll be out anyway, and we'll be driving right by ...) If you have the book, do check out her website for lots of fun activities. In this video clip she teaches us how to draw a baby polar bear!

Usually I snap up the new Brett book as soon as it comes out (she only writes one a year) but somehow this one got away from me. We do collect her books so I intended to buy this title at some point, and of course, I'll use my educator discount for the purchase.

Plus, this book is very timely for us right now - can you just hear me justifying the purchase, lol? - the boys are completely absorbed by two sled dog movies, Snow Buddies and Snow Dogs. I feel we should take advantage of this current interest and check in with the Iditarod as some point. I believe it begins this Saturday, in fact. Does anyone know if it's televised? And how long does the race last? As usual I am coming in late on this but I think the boys would enjoy following it! :)

*Ooh, light bulb moment! I just remembered an article in the winter issue of The Old Schoolhouse magazine with a unit study on the Iditarod! And miracle of miracles, I found the clipping at the bottom of my in-box, lol!

And somewhere around here we have The Magic School Bus in the Arctic. Here's a neat activity page to go along with that story if we (or you) have the time or interest. Hot cocoa, with marshmallows, is a must for that read-aloud!

So, what else is on tap for this week?

Well, Bookworm and I are going with a group of friends to see Spiderwick today. Crackerjack decided early on he didn't want to see this, so he'll stay home with Nana and Earlybird. (He's my extra-sensitive kid, and he knows his limits very well.) I'll try to post a review later on.

Tomorrow we have a birthday party to attend, and if there's time we'll have our weekly "tea-and-a-craft" in the afternoon. And on Friday we are having friends over for a chemistry co-op we're just beginning. We're following this program, completing the "book work" at home (or I should say, on our own) and then meeting here for the experiments. There will be pizza for lunch, too. :)

And that, more or less, will conclude our home learning week!

Well, I hope your week is going well - that your plans are shaping up as you'd like. If you have plans, that is! ;)

Either way, have a wonderful Wednesday!