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Our Valentines Day


Right after I put up my morning post, I got down to the business of breakfast. I don't usually bake so early in the day, but I really wanted the house to have that cozy warm smell this morning. Sure enough, as the sleepyheads staggered out to the kitchen, a buzz of excitement crackled in the air: Not only was it Valentines Day, but there was going to be chocolate for breakfast! :)

Once the donuts were cooling on the counter, I bundled myself up and headed outside to the feeders. After a few stormy days, today was so lovely, almost spring-like. I even spied a flock of robins overhead - there had to be a hundred of them! Now, as legend tells it, the birds choose their mates on this day, so I fashioned a little Valentine gesture in the snow ...


Back inside, before Daddy left for work and we got down to "school," we enjoyed a Valentine breakfast together:


The picture doesn't show it but the icing is tinted light pink (naturally, of course, for my Earlybird). I used a pan from The Baker's Catalogue and all Feingold-friendly ingredients ~ right down to the sprinkles! :)

Later in the day we worked on a colorful mosaic picture, based on a craft suggested in Catholic Mosaic. This went along with the lovely book, Saint Valentine, by Robert Sabuda.


We had help, of course:


Our "stained glass" panel is the first part of a Lenten project we're working on this year.


A bit later, Nana stopped by for coffee (and a donut we saved just for her) and she brought with her some treats for the boys - two new movies! Snow Buddies (adorable) and IMAX Deep Sea (amazing)!

And finally, as the sun dipped low in the sky, it was time to make Daddy's Valentine and to savor one more Valentine treat ...


Mind you, that's good old-fashioned Swiss Miss in those mugs - quick but delicious! EB can't have Swiss Miss, but he opted for a limeade popsicle instead. ;)

Well, I'm off for now. I hope your day was a good one, and I'll see you all sometime tomorrow. :)