Wordless Wednesday
Thursday Thirteen: Miscellaneous Thoughts

Without Words

I have so much on my mind and even more in my heart right now, but very little time to blog.Prettybouquet I would like to quickly thank the kind folks who have e-mailed me in regards to the "states" postcard exchange. I will be back in touch with you all shortly. :) In a few hours I'll be leaving for my first MFG book study meeting, and having just got in a little bit ago, I have lots to do for my family here at home ...

You see, this morning I attended a funeral for a loved one. I had hoped to blog about it in some meaningful way, but I find I am truly at a loss for words. Amy was my cousin Mark's wife, a beautiful, funny, sweet woman - a loving wife and mother of two precious young children. She passed away suddenly last week, and as you can imagine we are all just in shock. If you could remember Amy in your prayers I would be very grateful.

I wish you all a good night with your dear ones, and I'll see you all sometime tomorrow ...