Easter Planning ~
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A Craft for the 50 Days of Easter


After Mass this morning, and a quick cup of coffee back home, my mum and I popped over to the craft store. I had a little list of things to pick up for the upcoming week's activities ~ most notably a St. Pats-themed luncheon here on Friday with a few friends. :) While I was there, I also purchased the materials for a project that's been buzzing around in my brain for a while now. I hope it will be a neat way to celebrate the whole Easter season. :)

You see the few supplies I needed above:

  • silk forsythia garlands (on sale 50% off this week at Michaels!)
  • plastic eggs (I bought 2 packages of 30)
  • six spools of thin ribbon (50 cents a piece)
  • a package of silk clip-on butterflies
  • a dove

Now, my idea is this ...

By now I'm sure you all are familiar with our learning room windows (the ones I post about at least once a week)? ;) Currently they are bare, but on Easter morning, the boys will wake to find them awash in golden branches of cheerful forsythia. There will be brightly colored butterflies perched here and there, and hanging from the boughs will be the plastic eggs ~ 50 in all, one for each day of Eastertide.

This will look quite festive of course, but the best part of all is within each egg there will be a small surprise, some little bit of fun for the boys. One day they might find a few jelly beans and a spring poem, a quote from a book or maybe a bit of Scripture to learn. Another day there may be a slip of paper announcing something fun to do - a pancake breakfast at church, a visit with Damee, a trip to a butterfly garden, etc. Easy, little things. I'm still working on my list of ideas but I'd be happy to share it once it's complete!

It might sound like a lot of work, but by making up a few eggs every night - a little slip of paper tucked inside, along with a length of colorful ribbon - by Holy Saturday night all I'll need to do is hang the whole ensemble up in the windows.

Oh, and the dove ~ he will be perched above the last egg, the one meant for Pentecost Sunday. :)

Another way we'll be marking the fifty days of Easter is with this neat sticker calendar, which I purchased at LTP for a remarkable $3! Normally these sell for $19.95, so this is an incredible buy.

Well, it's getting late, so I'm off to bed. Nine o'clock came too quickly tonight! More Easter plans to come later this week. :)