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Book Study ~ Mittenstrings for God

As I mentioned a while back (gosh, was it weeks ago?) I would love to host an online Mfg2_2book study, focusing on my favorite parenting book of all time, Mittenstrings for God: Reflections for Mothers in a Hurry. When I first mentioned this idea, I had several people express interest in joining me; I hope I've given everyone time enough to track down a copy and to read into it a bit. On my end, I've started my "real life" book study group (our first meeting was wonderful) and I finally got around to working up a little blog button, as you can see there above. Actually I finally had to admit technological defeat and ask Bill to make it for me. It came out rather nice, don't you think? :)

Anyway, about the book study ~ I'd like to look at one chapter a week, for as long as folks are interested in the topics. (Here's my original post in which I outline the chapter topics.) And really, even if you don't have the book, the issues are all familiar to anyone who is mothering her children in today's hectic world. I hope the study is helpful to everyone who reads here.

So, I will start with the first chapter, this Friday, March 7th (topic: Dailiness). I will probably post a brief quote and then make a few remarks. I will then invite readers to leave their own thoughts in the comments box ~ or to leave a link to a post at their blog. You are all more than welcome to use my button at your site.

You know, I've read this book many times, but each time I come away refreshed and reminded of how I wish things to be for my family. I do hope you'll consider joining me this Friday, but for now, I'll leave you with this quote from the introduction:

"No doubt some of the notions in these pages will seem simple. But I find it is most often the simple gesture or the small goal well met that reaps the greatest reward. And, in our busy lives, it is often the simple gesture that is overlooked, the simple need that is never satisfied ...

We all know this to be true. But sometimes we forget."

Have a great night, everyone. Keep warm and be well!