Monday Afternoon Chit-Chat
So what would it be?

It's Opening Day (sort of)!

And as I type, at 7:52 a.m., the Red Sox are playing the Oakland A's - in Japan! I'm not sureCap_2 if this counts, officially, as Opening Day, since it's not being played here in Boston. A quick check of my friend Lisa's blog (and her handy widget) tells me we still have 13 more days to go till the Home Opener.

Still, BoSox baseball is being played again - somewhere! Definitely a day to sport our team attire and maybe listen to this CD while we're out and about. I picked these up recently, but considering how much candy the boys have consumed over the past few days, I think I will hold onto them for April 8th; the Easter baskets should be well emptied by then. ;)

So, thinking ahead to (Home) Opening Day, I can't help myself but plan a little baseball-themed lunch. Here's a possible menu:

And, note to self ~ a few titles to request for our April bookshelf:

All right then ~ time to get this day started! (We're up 3-2!)

Have a good Tuesday, everyone. :)