"Palm Sunday Pops"
Irish Brown Bread with EB and Me!

And so it begins!

A new week - Holy Week - is beginning! It's a whole week of beginnings in fact: Easter is coming and so is the first day of spring. There is much to celebrate this week!

We had a lively kick-off last night, as we participated in our parish Passion Play. I only took one brief picture at the end of the performance, the final song ~


My boys are at the far left side of this picture, the second and third children in (wearing helmets). It was a wonderful time, and we had a great turnout! We were so pleased to see our family and friends in the audience.

After the performance, there were refreshments served downstairs in the church hall. The kids who performed in the play got first dibs, lol!


There was also a craft room in which the children could work on stained glass pictures and other activities. I never made it into that room (too busy chatting, I'm afraid), but very kindly our music director (and play co-producer) sent me home with leftover projects to do with my boys.

So the new week is here, and our plans are shaping up in this way ~

  • Lessons will be brief (just math and writing).
  • We'll be Spring Cleaning!
  • Everyday that's fine, we'll get out in the fresh air.
  • Every afternoon we'll have quiet time, and read from our Bible.

But right now I'm off to start breakfast; all my boys are up and that means I'm "on the clock." ;) I hope your week is off to a good start! I'll see you all sometime tomorrow ...