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Organizing: A Mother's Area of Expertise


It's been far too long since I've done an "organizing" post. (For that matter, it's been far too long since I've been organized, lol!) So I thought I'd whip up a big post about how my various organizing systems are working for me (or not), except that ... I ran out of steam! And then, when I gathered steam again a bit later, I ran out of time! So instead, I will do this project in installments. :)

I've loosely divided this project into a series of questions regarding household organization: what, how, when, where and why. The first thing I did was to write down the what ~ all the areas of home and family life that we mums need to manage. (And by manage I don't mean we do it all by ourselves, but as mothers we are usually repsonsible for overseeing most domestic affairs.) :)

So what do we need to organize?

  • Paperwork
  • Housekeeping (daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal)
  • The Family Calendar (activities, appointments and events)
  • Home Learning (including life skills and manners)
  • Emergency Information
  • Medical Issues (care, special needs, appointments, research)
  • Home & Garden Maintenance (schedule, services, home gardening)
  • Clothing (maintenance, storage, purchasing)
  • Family Pets
  • Seasonal Celebrations (holidays, feast days, birthdays)
  • Family Faith (at home, in the parish)
  • Correspondence (contact info., electronic mail, greetings)
  • Meals (menus, marketing, recipes, nutrition)
  • Money (bill paying, budgeting, economizing)
  • To-do's (daily, misc. tasks and ongoing projects)
  • Activities (social obligations, sports, clubs, hobbies)
  • Library Loans
  • So that's what I had jotted down in my notebook, the last time I brainstormed over this. The list seems fairly complete, but I'm sure I've overlooked some things. I would love your input! Am I forgetting something? What would you add to this list?

    And may I ask, what area(s) of home and family life do you find most challenging to keep organized?

    Well, that's all I have time for just now. We're getting ready for a busy day - including a trip to the farm to see baby lambs! (If the weather holds, I'll have lots of pictures to share later!) And in an upcoming post, I'll take a look at how I need to organize each of these list items - now that will take some thought. ;)

    Have a good day!