April Smiles ~ More Spring Things
Bubbles, Swords, Cupcakes and Dirt ...

April Smiles from the Boys

These are pictures from the backyard the other morning - taken by me, but choreographed by the boys. :)

Now, fair warning ~ if you're stopping by while having your breakfast (or lunch or supper for that matter), you might want to come back a bit later ... ;)

Ants taking a caterpillar hostage:


Scat, which belongs to a rabbit:


A grub:


A weed:


A worm. Or, really, half a worm:


A ladybug ~ perhaps one of ours?


I'm sure before long we'll have spiders, mushrooms and toads (etc.) to add to the list. As the mother of three boys (and the only female in the family), I've come a long way in what I now find interesting ~ and no longer icky!

Thanks for stopping by ~ have a great Thursday!