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April Smiles ~ The Full Pink Moon

April Smiles ~ Spring Violets


I popped over to my mum and dad's today to get some help with my knitting. (The scarf is done! And I'm onto something new! More on all that later ...) And on my way in, I was so delighted to see a patch of vibrant violets growing by their front door ... Of course, I had to bring some home for our nature table, and there they will sit as long as the water keeps them fresh. (That's a votive candle holder wrapped with a little lace ribbon, btw.) For this picture, however, I moved the tiny bouquet off the shelf, and onto a sunny spot which showed them to their best, and most cheerful, advantage. :)

I'm sending Bill over tomorrow to dig up a clump or two to bring home to our own yard. I hope they transplant well!