April Smiles ~ Signs of Life
A Slight Change of Plans ...

~ Knitting Night News ~


At my Knitting Circle last night, I worked another several rows onto my spring scarf! I am so crazy for these colors, and the knitting itself came right back to me, just as I'd hoped it would. Of course - I completely forgot I was intending to purl after knitting four inches, but that's ok. I'm not following any set pattern, just trying to get back into the groove. Maybe I'll purl my next project. ;)

I must show you some pictures I took at my friend Kim's, our monthly knitting night hostess. She really spoils us, I must say, welcoming us each month with candlelight ...


And fun little surprises like lanterns on the deck (she made them!) ...


And a table full of freshly baked goodies ...


Kim always serves the most delicious things, but this month she treated us to Greek Easter specialties ~ like the traditional Tsoureki (a sweet bread baked with brilliant red eggs), and cinnamon rice pudding (recipe on request!) and yummy little crescent cookies all powdery with confectioner's sugar. Friends brought fruit salad and baklava and of course, knitting night is never complete without steaming cups of tea served in beautiful pottery mugs.

After we ate (and ate) we gathered in the living room to knit (and talk) and before we knew it it was almost 11 p.m.! But before we left, Kim had us partake in a fun game, another Greek Easter tradition. Each of us held one of the red eggs in our hands and we went around the room cracking egg onto egg, saying, in turn:

Christos Anestes! Alithinos Anestes! (He is risen! He is risen, indeed!)

The goal was to see who would be left with an un-crackable egg, thereby earning herself a year's worth of good luck. And guess who went home with that egg (and that luck) ... ? :)


Hooray, it was me! I never win anything, so this was a real treat! Can you freeze a hard boiled egg? I really would like to keep it. ;)

Knitting night is so fun; I am blessed to have such a lovely, supportive group of friends. And now I've made myself a small goal for our May circle ~ that my spring scarf will not be in my bag, but draped around my neck! (Weather permitting of course.) And just what will my next project be? Well, I'll have to get myself back to the yarn store sometime soon ...

Thanks so much for stopping by today ~ I hope you had a good Wednesday! See you all again sometime soon. :)