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Guest Post ~ Science Saturday!

For the morning, I'm handing the blogging reins over to Bill and the boys. :) On Saturday they visited the Museum of Science with Bill's folks, and they came home with neat pictures and fun tales to tell.

So here are those tales, in their own (and Daddy's) words ~


We were extremely surprised to see that they had a Naboo N1 Starfighter from Star Wars Episode I, piloted by Anakin and R2-D2. It was one of the first things we saw and only the Dippin' Dots (the 'ice cream of the future') was more exciting.


What a lightning storm this Vander Graaef Generator (the largest in the world) made! At one point, the instructor stepped inside what looked like a birdcage that was then hit by several 1 billion volt lightning strikes. It was quite a demonstration of how lightning only travels on the outside 'skin' of metal. Grandpa recounted several tales from his years flying in the Navy that involved lightning and made the boys' eyes wide.


What do you say about this?! Bookworm says these concave mirrors are reflecting larger versions of what is real, in this case a very funny face.


Not to be outdone, Crackerjack imagined he was in an airplane and was looking out one of the windows. Hopefully it wasn't one from Grandpa's stories!


A LIFE-SIZED T-Rex ... WOW! Since 'A Night in the Museum' is one of the family's favorite movies, they felt bad for the night watchmen (or women) who work here.


This is Crackerjack trying to look scared, but the smile gives it away ... he was having fun!


We also didn't know that the live animal exhibit would feature Bookworm's favorite raptor - the American Kestrel. Crackerjack wants it mentioned that his favorite is the Turkey Vulture, which although not a raptor (as pointed out by Bookworm), is still pretty cool.


We took this picture for Mama ... anyone who reads this blog knows why.   


This is a fisher cat, probably the only creature that hunts porcupines. Its technique is that it goes for the soft underside.


2 foxes playing ... again for Mama. Cute when they are kits and not in your backyard.


Crackerjack insisted that Mama would want a picture of the sunset over the Charles River. There were a lot of Duck Boats out and about despite the overcast weather.


The machine of perpetual motion (as described by Bookworm) or chain reaction machine (as described by Crackerjack) was amazing and never stopped. There was even a wiffle ball that spun around a pole, which was an inspiring use of a New England invention.


Zakim bridge which is the widest cable-stayed bridge in the world ...


On the way home, Bookworm took this picture of the sun shining through the clouds, which was very dramatic and quite a good picture considering the rate of speed.

And speaking of science and my boys, they (we) would like to thank everyone who has left us comments re ~ their favorite (and least favorite) bugs! We have 41 responses at last count! We'll be sifting through all the answers and making up that chart sometime this week. Stay tuned for results and thanks again for helping out!

Happy Monday, everyone!