Mitten Strings for God: Chapter Four
April Smiles ~ Spring Knitting

In the April Woods


Late this afternoon, as I was putting groceries away, Bill and the boys were playing baseball in the backyard. Suddenly I heard them call, "Mama! Mama! Come quick!"

So I dropped the canned goods on the counter (envisioning bloody knees, or worse, missing teeth), and scurried outside. I'm happy to say, nothing was wrong; instead, my fellas were halfway into the woods out back, beckoning me to follow them with huge grins on their faces.

The peepers had been found. :)

Now, unfortunately, I don't have even one photo of the cute little things, because as soon as we got too close to their vernal home, they became completely silent and seemingly disappeared.


So instead we trucked around the woods to see what other neat things we might find. Things like this shield bug ...


And this garter snake ...


A finding which inspired much awe ...


We found this strange material on a fallen branch: Eggs? A fungus?


We marveled at the trees up above ...


And up close ...


It was such a lovely afternoon to explore the spring woods ...


I hope you're having a nice weekend. See you again sometime soon.