April Smiles ~ Natural Light
April Smiles ~ Foggy Mornings

April Smiles ~ Craft Night


In a little while I'll be off to my knitting circle at my friend Kim's. I so look forward to this night each month - there will be cool crafts, hot tea, good food and great conversation; what more could a mum ask for? :)

So I have my new spring bag all packed ~ with my scarf-in-progress, a yummy magazine, and a new book I can't wait to show my friends. All the regular stuff is in there, too: my wallet, calendar, journal, cell phone, lip balm etc.

And speaking of my new spring bag* ...


... isnt it cute? :)


It's not that big a bag, but right now, that's a good thing. I am trying to downsize all my "stuff," because, really, I carry around too much of it. It's not a shoulder-bag, but a tote, and that's ok too. It's light to carry and sits nicely in the front seat of a shopping cart. My coupons and lists etc. seem much more accessible in this kind of a bag. And it was perfect for church this past Sunday!

I'm sure I'll find fault with it somewhere down the road, but for now, my new spring bag really does make me smile. :)

*Now, I feel compelled to mention, I was able to buy this new bag because I had money to burn at Bean's thanks to some recent returns and accumulated coupon dollars. We also got the boys some essentials like pants and jackets. And fisherman vests. ;)

Well, have a lovely evening, my friends. See you all tomorrow!