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April Smiles ~ Spring Knitting


I bought this pretty skein of yarn this weekend, envisioning a light scarf for my new spring jacket. Even though spring is - without a doubt - here at last, we can still have cool days now and again.

I haven't knit in a looong time, and I must confess, I have never knit anything more than a scarf. (Though I think there might have been a washcloth once.)

Knitting must be in my blood, though, coming from generations of knitters as I do. I love the look and feel of yarn. I love the motion of the needles in my hands. I have fond memories of the knitting all around me as a child, and it seems Crackerjack does too ...

He was with me at the fabric store Saturday as I meandered through the aisles looking over all the varieties of yarn. He was full of questions (mostly, are we done yet?) and reminiscenses.

"I remember you knitting," he said, fingering a bright red wool skein. "I remember the sound the needles make. Click, click, click."

He handed me the yarn and said, "Will you knit something for me?"

And so, I'm knitting again. :)

What to knit after the scarf, well I have no idea. It's early days yet and I don't want to get ahead of myself ... but I bet I'll find some good ideas in here. (It's arriving today! I've tracked my package incessantly since it left Amazon, lol. I can't wait!)

I do plan to pick up some of that thick red yarn Crackerjack liked so much and set up a little workbasket for him. He likes to work - and learn - with his hands; knitting will be a nice activity for those rainy spring days or hot summer afternoons. I'll start him on fingerknitting, and maybe by the time he's ready for a small project, the needles will seem less like swords and more like the useful hand tools they are. ;)

Have a good Monday, everyone!