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The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ June 17th

Crackerjack Moves Up!


Well, I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful Father's Day weekend! I had to pop in to show you this picture I took of our Crackerjack today. He and I just got back in from the soccer field (the cold, damp soccer field, mind you) where he played in his "moving up" game and received his trophy for the year. Because CJ turns 9 this August he will be moving up into the U-10 league in the fall. This means all boys on his team, a bigger playing field and a longer time playing on the field. They had a trial game today, and CJ loved every minute of it!

Our Father's Day has been very nice ... though it started very early ... Earlybird got Bill up at just before *four* a.m. Groan. I took over at 5:30 and let Bill sleep in till 9 (it was Father's Day, after all). Then we headed over to have brunch with my folks, my brother, my uncle and my cousin Caitlin, who was visiting from New York. CJ and I had to scoot out early to get to his game, but now we're home at last, and I'm almost warm again. (This cup of orange spice tea should help do the trick.) The boys are puttering (read: playing Wii) and Bill is napping ... storing up his energy for tonight's BIG game, no doubt. I'm planning to grill teriyaki-lime chicken for supper (on the Foreman) and I have a cold sesame noodle dish to serve alongside (Bill's favorite). I'd like to think I'm going to be able to stay up to watch the Celtics beat the pants off do their best against the Lakers tonight, but that's a mighty big IF.

So I'm off to get things put to rights around here and get that chicken marinating! Before I go, here is one of my favorite quotes, one I can't help but think of on Father's Day ...

"Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength." ~ St. Francis de Sales

Have a lovely Sunday evening my friends, and I'll see you all again sometime soon ...