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~ Nature Club in June (Part 2) ~

Remember that bug hunt I spoke of last week?


Well, we didn't find many bugs (besides mosquitos, that is!) but we did have a nice walk all the same. What we did find was lots and lots of all kinds of mushrooms!

As you can probably tell from the pictures, the weather most likely had much to do with our findings. It was a damp, cool day ~ our nature walk fit in perfectly between a showery morning and a stormy evening. The rain must have sent most of the bugs into hiding, while coaxing the fungi out of the ground. Still, our Nature Club always has a good time together - the kids all walking together, the mums just behind.

Here are some pictures from our day ...


We found lots of galls on the ground. Some brown and papery ..


... some green like a grape:


Most of the mushrooms we spotted were a variation of this type:


A velvety peachy-pink top and a thick white stem.


Some were more plum-like in color; we weren't able to identify them.


Another variety we found, shown above and below ...




Above you see a very strange fungus we spotted growing on a fallen log. The picture here doesn't do the color justice - it was bright bubble gum pink!


Finally, some cute little button mushrooms sprouting up underfoot.


This was a cocoon of some sort. The leaves bear the evidence of hungry critters.

Just before we left, one of the kids did spot a very interesting insect - a small grasshopper shedding its exoskeleton!


By the way, June Nature Club, Part 1, was our trip to the tidal pools - you can find that post here. Sometime this summer our group will be meeting to plan out next year. We've already got some fun ideas percolating ...

As for this outing, these pictures will serve as a good start for a page in our family field journal. I'm sorry to say we haven't worked on it much lately, but I am hoping we'll have more time to do so this summer.

Well, thanks for stopping by today! I am working on the July Themes & Plans and hope to have them up by tomorrow. (Which, if you can believe it, is the first of the month!)

See you all again sometime soon .. :)

We're going on a bug hunt ...


... We're gonna catch a big one ... We're not scared ... !

OK, technically this is an arachnid, and not a bug (or even an insect), but still. And I didn't have to hunt too far to find this beautiful little orb weaver. She has set up a tidy little nest for herself above the trash cans in the lower driveway. I tried very hard not to disturb her delicate handiwork as I deposited the recycling in the bins yesterday. I ran back inside to get my camera (natch) because this is the time of year when I start photographing bugs (and the like). I should have a separate category for these types of pictures (I think they are mostly filed away under Nature or Wildlife) ... Oh, hang on! I do have a Summer Bug Study photo album around here somewhere and there are a few good spider pics in my Autumn Nature Study album, too. I tend to forget all about spiders until June, and then they are very much on my mind until fall. (A combination of fear and fascination; fear, leftover from childhood - fascination, in thanks to my boys.)

Happily, our yard seems to be a haven for these creatures (they're great pest control!), but today I'll be looking elsewhere for spiders and other crawly critters. Because today we're heading into the woods with our Nature Club - it will be our last "formal" meeting until September. As the title of my post suggests, we are going on a Bug Hunt - and I hope we find lots - and I also hope the thunderstorms hold off until evening. Right now (7 a.m.) it's warm and sunny - perfect weather for a nature walk. I'll be back later with lots of pictures. :)

Before I go, here are some wise words from my favorite nature writer Sharon Lovejoy ~

Spiders should never be taunted, mailgned, abused or scorned. They're hard at work in our gardens - just look how that web is adorned. The filigreed tatting and dewdrops tell tales of a hardworking sprite ~ an assortment of bugs, some mosquitos, a grub ... Don't spiders get time off at night? (From Hollyhock Days)

Stop by Sharon's blog if you have a chance, she's hard at work on a new book - and she's asking for help from her readers:

"Do you have any specific art projects or nature crafts or adventures you would like to share with me? I cannot guarantee that it will make it into my new book, but anyone who reads my blog will have ready access to your comments. I already have many pages of this section completed, but I am always searching for something magical that can change a child's life."

Hmmm. Nature crafts or adventures? I might be able to drum up one or two ideas ...

Have a beautiful Thursday, my friends!

P.S. Thank you, thank you for all your lovely comments after my workspace post! I'll post more summer cleaning posts as I move along ... :)

~ Where I Work ~


As of yesterday there are 10 weeks till Labor Day, and I have 10 areas of my home to work on ~ doesn't that work out nicely? :) So I've drawn up a summer cleaning schedule* for myself, and, with our learning year safely wrapped up till September, I've begun. This first week, I'm concentrating on the learning room (also known as the dining room). I spent the morning yesterday working in my corner, which for better or worse is known as "Mama's Desk." I thought you might like to see the pictures of where I work ...


Corner of the room ~ my bookcase housing craft supplies, correspondence materials (stamps, address book, cards, stationary, etc.), writing utensils (Mama's and nobody else's, lol), the bill basket, yarn basket, coupon packet and assorted books for pleasure and planning. I have a small bulletin board filled up with inspirational stuff ~ I've thought about taking it down as it is rather cluttered. In the bottom right corner of the picture is my file crate, of course. I have yet to pick up new folders for the new academic year; it's on my list for this weekend.


Next we have my "desk" which is really a table I inherited from my grandmother. On its top I have a rather large in-basket, a pile of magazines and catalogs to peruse, my index card file box, and spread out on display, my month-at-a-glance calendar. On the windowsill I have a fun book I plan to peruse this week, a chess piece I found (a little reminder), my page-a-day calendar (I use the back of each piece for shopping lists), scissors and tape (essential journaling tools), my wooden turkey (I collect turkeys), and a batch of adorable notecards handmade by my friend Kim. (See the little knitting sheep in the corner? She made these for everyone in our Knitting Circle!) In the upper righthand corner of the picture you can just see the corner of my clipboard. It is holding some clipped articles and current project pages (added today ~ Christmas 2008 - it's just 6 months away!).


And finally, my side of the learning/dining table. I have my laptop open here, as well as my current journal. I sit here comfortably with the boys all around me - playing, eating, reading, watching tv in the next room - or perhaps working on their own stuff across the table. My calendar is to my left, my notes are in front of me, and the windows are generally open to let in fresh air. It's not perfect, but it feels cozy and creative to me. :)

Not seen in these pictures, and parked just beneath the desk are a few more things ~ a large floral gift bag filled with receipts to save (and ideally sorted later) and a tote bag with more of my "stuff" including homekeeping binder, recipes, lesson planner, etc.

*Summer Cleaning Schedule:

  1. Learning/Dining Room
  2. Bathroom
  3. Older Boys' Bedroom
  4. Earlybird's Bedroom
  5. Master Bedroom
  6. Living Room
  7. Hall Closet
  8. China Cupboard
  9. Kitchen
  10. Family Room

I am completely neglecting the basement (laundry, pantry and playroom) for now. I'm hoping Bill will continue plugging away down there this summer (the playroom is under construction), and then I'll start in on that area this fall. The attic will also wait for the cooler months.

You're probably wondering if I've started a notebook for this endeavor (seeing as how I start notebooks at the drop of a hat, lol), but what I've done instead is to make up a planning sheet for each week of the summer and attach them all to my clipboard in order. I'll see how that works ... and I'll let you know!

Well, thanks, as always, for stopping by today, and I wish you all a Good Tuesday! :)

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ June 23rd


~ Do stop by Peggy's for all the Daybook links this week. ~
Outside My Window ... a soft, misty morning is turning dark, as storm clouds roll in from the west. A pair of rose-breasted grosbeaks are at the feeder, too fast for my camera. One bright blue blossom clings to the birdhouse post - our first morning glory!
I am thinking ... about calendars - specifically, a new academic calendar. (It's that time of year!)
I am thankful for ... the love and support of friends and family.
From the kitchen ... leftover birthday cake, lol! Orange Supreme with buttercream frosting - Bookworm's favorite. A dash of rainbow sherbet on the side. :)
I am wearing ... powder blue t-shirt, beige shorts, sandals, hair up.
I am creating ... a new little workspace for myself.
I am going ... to see Wall-E on Friday! :)
I am reading ... The Host by Stephenie Meyer, which I borrowed from my friend, Beth. (Thanks, Beth!)
I am hoping ... for a quiet catch-up kind of week.
I am hearing ... sweet birdsong out the front windows, the rumble of trucks working out back.
Around the house ... things are pretty clean as we had the family party here yesterday. (Nothing like a party to get your house in spic-and-span shape, lol.) So this week I will concentrate on the learning room. We are officially "done" for the year (save for math) and I want to get this room back in shape. The school-totes and my in-box are in particular need of attention.
One of my favorite things ... pumpkins in the garden. They're just big leafy green plants now, but there are golden blossoms and vines beginning to show.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: ... Earlybird's therapies, Spiderwick comes out on DVD, St. John's Day, Nature Club meeting (bug hunt), Bookworm's "friend" party, a mums-only shopping trip in-town.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing ...
The first morning glory blossom ...
I hope you all have a wonderful day!

A Day on the Battle Road Trail


I'd love to share - oh, a bajillion or so - photos from our "field trip" yesterday. We met five other families at the Battle Road Trail in historic and beautiful Concord, for a leisurely hike and a picnic lunch. In all, we were a group of 14 kids, 6 mums and 1 dad ~ Bill took the day off to join us. :)

Talk about a perfect day, and I know I seem to say that all the time, but honestly, this had to be the ideal June day: temps in the upper 70s, a light breeze, blue skies and puffy white clouds ... the kind of day that inspires poetry (and lots of picture taking).

I've visited Concord before, but I've never walked these trails. Oh, my. The combination of beautiful farmland, woodlands and historic properties kept us oohing and ahhing all the way. But let me start posting pictures or I fear this post is going to get ridiculously long ...




A blue egg shell found by one of the girls.


An egg (gall?) we found on a leaf on the trail.


A huge wasp nest we noticed on the ground.


A garter snake found by one of the boys.

At this point, a few of the kids came running up to us claming to have seen two Redcoats on the trail up ahead. At first I assumed their imaginations were getting the best of them, but then we rounded the corner ...


.. and found ourselves at Hartwell Tavern, a restored 18th century home that stood here on the Battle Road as witness to the infamous events of April 19, 1775. We took our time strolling around the grounds and all throughout the house. We even enjoyed an educational program put on by park rangers dressed in colonial attire.





And then we continued along the Battle Road on our hike ...



The Captain William Smith house, set just up the road from Hartwell Tavern. A bit further ahead was the Paul Revere capture site, but at this point we turned back to begin our picnic lunch. And after lunch we headed back the way we came in, and of course I took a few more nature pictures ...






Our next stop was a nearby organic farm, where the scenery and produce were equally beautiful ...



Here are my older boys holding our purchases, with the farmland in the background. Bookworm has the nasturtiums and morning glories, while Crackerjacks clutches the strawberries. (Wish we bought more than just one pint!)

The last leg of our journey was a stop at an ice cream stand. Not surprisingly I have no photos of the (delicious) ice cream, but a few more nature shots to share ...





Well, we all had such fun, we've made plans to return with the change of each season, so our next visit will be in early October. I can only imagine the splendor of the fields and woods at that time of year!

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to read such a (ridiculously) long post! I hope you enjoyed my pictures, a little slice of historic and natural New England for you. :) I also hope you all have a lovely weekend - ours will be busy, as we celebrate Bookworm's 13th birthday! (Ack! I'll be the mother of a teen!)

I'll see you all again sometime soon ... :)

Our Summer Nature Shelf

I've finally gotten around to spiffing up the nature shelf - sweeping away bits of dirt and crumbled dried petals and grass - and changing it up to reflect the new season ahead. Here's how it looked in the Spring, and below you can see how it's changed for the Summer, which, according to my handy-dandy countdown widget over there on the left is just TWO days away!


In New England, the summer season is closely tied with the ocean, so I went with a blue and green sea-theme - scattering about shells and starfish along with the rose petals of June.


Also present is my nature angel, our wooden water element as well as the boys' tiny aquatic figurines (some mythical, others not). As the boys find real bits of nature to add to the shelf this summer, I'll clear away some of these props.


In the lefthand corner is our book of nature poems, open to June's blessings. Behind the Flower Fairies of the Summer is our storm candle, ready to be lit at the first peal of thunder, a common summer sound in these parts.


Our nature shelf is always rounded out with lots of books.


Not shown above the shelf is a grapevine swag; I thought it would look pretty adorned with dried flowers and maybe little seashells, too. Right now I have lavender buds stuck here and there - they don't show up much, but they smell lovely.


I do have fun setting our nature corner up, but I hardly expect it to stay so tidy and "staged" for long. ;) For instance, today we are headed out on a nature hike with friends. I'm sure the boys will return with a new treasure or two, and I will come home with lots of pictures to share!

Well, I hope you all have a great Thursday ~ see you again sometime soon. :)

Tasha Tudor, 1915-2008

Rest in peace, dear lady. You will be missed.

I salute you!

There is nothing I can give you which you have not;

but there is much, that, while I cannot give, you can take.

No heaven can come to us unless our hearts find rest in it today. Take Heaven.

No peace lies in the future which is not hidden in this present instant. Take Peace.

The gloom of the world is but a shadow; behind it, yet, within our reach, is joy.

Take Joy.

And so, I greet you, with the prayer that for you, now and forever, the day breaks and the shadows flee away.

(From a letter by Fra Giovanni, AD 1513)

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ June 17th


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Outside My Window ... last night's raindrops cling to the screens, the rising sun streams through the woods, a robin plucks a worm from the damp lawn, a mourning dove rests on the telephone wire.
I am thinking ... about a summer housecleaning schedule.
I am thankful for ... a husband and father who, together, were able to fix an estimated $3000 plumbing issue on their own. (Phew!)
From the kitchen ... red potatoes, zucchini, orange peppers and turkey kielbasa - all tossed in honey mustard dressing and then roasted in a pan. Leftover garlic bread served alongside.
I am wearing ... blue and white calico blouse, khaki capris, barefeet.
I am creating ... invitations for Bookworm's (13th!) birthday party.
I am going ... to see Kung Fu Panda tomorrow! :)
I am reading ... Better Basics for the Home (and taking lots of notes).
I am hoping ... to harvest my lavender flowers this week (and hang them to dry).
I am hearing ... birdsong (of course), a tumbling dryer, the Beavers movie EB is watching, EB's corresponding laughter. :)
Around the house ... I'm a day off-schedule, as I cleaned the bathroom yesterday instead of today (but it really needed it), so today I'll get a head start on the kitchen (typically Wednesday's chore). I especially need to tackle the refrigerator shelves today ...
One of my favorite things ... a tall, cold iced coffee on a hot summer morning.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: ... EB's therapy, Kung Fu Panda, a hike and picnic with friends, Tween Movie Night with Bookworm, family party for Bookworm's birthday on Sunday.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing ...
Beach roses in Boston ...
I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Crackerjack Moves Up!


Well, I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful Father's Day weekend! I had to pop in to show you this picture I took of our Crackerjack today. He and I just got back in from the soccer field (the cold, damp soccer field, mind you) where he played in his "moving up" game and received his trophy for the year. Because CJ turns 9 this August he will be moving up into the U-10 league in the fall. This means all boys on his team, a bigger playing field and a longer time playing on the field. They had a trial game today, and CJ loved every minute of it!

Our Father's Day has been very nice ... though it started very early ... Earlybird got Bill up at just before *four* a.m. Groan. I took over at 5:30 and let Bill sleep in till 9 (it was Father's Day, after all). Then we headed over to have brunch with my folks, my brother, my uncle and my cousin Caitlin, who was visiting from New York. CJ and I had to scoot out early to get to his game, but now we're home at last, and I'm almost warm again. (This cup of orange spice tea should help do the trick.) The boys are puttering (read: playing Wii) and Bill is napping ... storing up his energy for tonight's BIG game, no doubt. I'm planning to grill teriyaki-lime chicken for supper (on the Foreman) and I have a cold sesame noodle dish to serve alongside (Bill's favorite). I'd like to think I'm going to be able to stay up to watch the Celtics beat the pants off do their best against the Lakers tonight, but that's a mighty big IF.

So I'm off to get things put to rights around here and get that chicken marinating! Before I go, here is one of my favorite quotes, one I can't help but think of on Father's Day ...

"Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength." ~ St. Francis de Sales

Have a lovely Sunday evening my friends, and I'll see you all again sometime soon ...

June Nature Club ~ Tidepool Treasures

Well, we're back from the beach! All sleepy and sandy and maybe just a little bit sunburnt. ;) Our Nature Club met this afternoon at the seashore to explore the magic of tidepools. The weather could not have been more perfect - 81 degrees and low humidity, a soft breeze coming off the water. Here are some picutures from our day ...


This was the view looking south, just past the rocky shore. Do you see Boston in the hazy distance?


Looking into a tidepool - an area of seawater, teeming with life, trapped on the shore during low tide.


A small fiddler crab held by Bookworm. He looks disgruntled, doesn't he? Don't worry, any of the creatures the kids found were handled gently, kept in buckets of water for the duration of the visit, and then returned to their watery beds safe and sound.


Sadly, we found many dead crabs in the pools; this one came home to our nature table. The dead ones were orange as opposed to bluish-green or brown. We're not sure why that is (but we aim to find out) ...


Small masses of insects in the water; they also crawled all over the sand (ew).


Barnacles were everywhere, of course, all over the rocks ...


... and masses of seaweed, too.


The colors of the tidepools were amazing!


Another small crab held by Bookworm - this one was a tiny (and shy) hermit crab. (Have you ever read Pagoo?)


And finally, a pretty view of the New England coastline.

Thanks for stopping in today, and sharing in our fun. As you can probably tell from my infrequent posting, we've been plenty busy around here lately! I hope wherever your week has taken you, it's been a good one. :) I'll see you all again sometime soon!

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ June 10th


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Outside My Window ... a hot hazy morning is slowly unfolding ~ a tiny chipmunk is racing up and down the spruce tree branches ~ a large, lazy bumblebee is hovering near the roofline ~ a damselfly is resting in the raspberry patch.
I am thinking ... about a menu for our Father's Day brunch.
I am thankful for ... air conditioning! (96 for a high today!)
From the kitchen ... lemonade, homemade popsicles and for dinner: cold pasta salad (bowties, zucchini, red peppers, leftover grilled chicken).
I am wearing ... a blue floral tank top, navy shorts, sandals, my hair up in a clip.
I am creating ... pretty glass bottles filled with summery-scented oils.
I am going ... tidepooling at the beach one day later this week!
I am hoping ... we can fix the old desktop computer where I upload photos.
I am hearing ... birdsong, EB playing at the sink, CJ humming the Wall-E theme song. :)
Around the house ... after several "off" days, a major tidy is needed. Today I will concentrate on the upstairs bathroom, folding laundry and wiping down the kitchen counters.
One of my favorite things ... is planning ahead, and this weekend I will begin outlining next year. I'll buy all new folders for the file crate, and set up a month-by-month planner. (Naturally I'll post all about it once I'm done!)
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: ... Homeschool Games Day, Mittenstrings meeting, Tidepooling with Nature Club, Father's Day brunch, Fall soccer tryouts for CJ
Here is a picture thought I am sharing ...
I hope you all have a wonderful day! Stay cool!

Thank you, everyone ...

... SO very much, for all your concern and kindness in regards to Earlybird's allergic reaction last week. I'm very happy to report that EB is doing much better! It was a tough week - his hives continuously came and went - but it seems things have calmed down now. I want you to know I appreciate all your prayers and advice, and I will be back here with a new post just as soon as I can!

Before I go, though, a quick picture. :) Bookworm took this shot of the sunset last night and asked me to put it on my blog, and so here it is ...


We're in the midst of a heat wave here in New England - 90s all weekend and straight through midweek! It seems, whatever the calendar might say, summer is definitely here!

Have a good one, my friends!

A Little Break ...

A few things have conspired to make taking a little blog-break a good idea for me this week ...

The biggest concern just now is Earlybird is having an allergic reaction to pesticides used by our neighbors this weekend. We happened to have all our windows open when they did whatever it was that they did. All of a sudden our home was engulfed in some vile chemical smell, and within moments - literally, moments - EB's face was absolutely covered in hives. Angry white whelts and huge areas of red all over his precious little face. Before long they appeared on his arms, torso and legs as well, and then the itching began. My poor little guy!

The doctor told us to give him Benadryl, which has helped, and he seems to be tolerating the medicine fairly well. (It makes him hyper rather than sleepy though, wouldn't you know ...) The hives have calmed down considerably, but if he gets overheated (by say, running around with his brothers) they flare up. Obviously my fella is in need of a little extra TLC (and that means a little extra of me) so I need to step away from the computer for a few days and give my all here.

But, before I go, I do have some nice news to tell you. :) Just an hour ago, Earlybird lost his very first tooth! And he's only 6 1/2! (The older two were 8 and 9 when they lost their first teeth.) So it looks like the Tooth Fairy will be making her way down our street tonight! EB isn't quite sure what to make of it all, but it's a fun diversion for him just the same. :)

I wish you a good week my friends. I'll see you all again sometime soon ...

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ June 3rd


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Outside My Window ... a sunny and warm day is dawning. Bill is watering the new plants in the bird garden. I'm sipping my coffee and watching the neighborhood wake up.
I am thinking ... about turning the computer off for a few days.
I am thankful for ... Earlybird's loving and skilled therapists.
From the kitchen ... On the menu tonight: spinach ravioli, meatballs, garlic bread, dessert tba ...
I am wearing ... a pale blue tee, khaki shorts, keds, hair in a twist.
I am creating ... a gardening notebook.
I am going ... to get to bed early tonight!
I am reading ... the special edition of Eclipse, book three in the Twilight series. Yes, it's teen fiction - and yes, it's about vampires. But good, romantic vampires. ;)
I am hoping ... Earlybird's hives go away. For good.
I am hearing ... wren song, squirrel chatter, the tumble of the dryer.
Around the house ... lots of tidying needed all around, but especially in the learning room.
One of my favorite things ... a glass of red wine with dinner.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: ... peace and quiet, gardening, Book Group, a playdate with friends.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing ...
I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Themes & Plans for June

June brings tulips, lilies, roses, Fills the children's hands with posies ...Junerose_2 

Well, Spring has been lovely, but Summer is hot on its heels! Just a few weeks more and it will be official ...

Does it feel like summer yet where you live? It's getting very close here: warm (and ever warmer) days, thunder now and again, later sunsets, calling birds, trilling insects and frogs - the natural world is alive again! This is an exciting time of year to be outside, there are so many fun places to visit ~ the seashore, the meadow, the garden to name but a few ...

I have but one more month to go after this, to finish up a full year's worth of themes and plans, (how fast that year flew!) but here, for today, are a few ideas for this first month of summer, the lovely and lingering June...


  • The world is green once again.
  • Peonies and roses are blooming.
  • Azaleas and rhodendrons are bursting.
  • Daylilies are growing tall, setting buds.
  • Deep purple irises are growing now.
  • Ants appear (annoyingly) in the house.
  • Birds are singing (madly) at dawn.
  • The Full Strawberry Moon rises on the 18th
  • Longer days, shorter nights ...
  • The lawn needs mowing weekly.
  • Dragonflies hunting at dusk.
  • Frogs singing boldly at twilight.
  • Raccoons prowling after dark.
  • Spiders spinning webs in the garden.
  • Inchworms dangling from the trees.
  • Baby birds appearing in nests.
  • Lavender blooming in the knot garden.


  • Birthstone: pearl or moonstone
  • Flower: the rose


  • Strawberries (at last!)
  • Rhubarb
  • Peas
  • New potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Asparagus
  • Flower punch & fairy cakes
  • Strawberry shortcake
  • Homemade strawberry ice cream
  • Strawberry-rhubarb pie (crisp, jam, etc.)


  • Month's devotion: The Sacred Heart
  • St. Anthony (13)
  • St. John the Baptist (24)
  • Sts. Peter & Paul (29)

Household & Garden

  • File end-of-year reports.
  • File ed. plans for next year.
  • Refresh the file crate.
  • Get any last seedlings planted
  • Hang our American flag.
  • Fill terracotta pots with red geraniums.
  • Re-hang windowboxes.
  • Restock sunscreen and bug spray.
  • Clean and set up birdbath.


Book Basket (please see "The Summer Basket" at left)

Field Trips & Outings

  • Strawberry picking
  • Fishing with Dad
  • A picnic in the meadow
  • Riverbank cleanup
  • Nature Club meetings:
    • Tidepooling at the shore
    • Insects in the woods

Crafts & Activities

  • Make a paperweight for Dad.
  • Make a terrarium.
  • Have a bonfire or campfire.
    • Toast marshmallows, make smores.
  • Camp-out in the backyard.
  • Pick herbs and hang to dry.
  • Make sun tea.
  • Learn about flag ettiquette.
  • Make a flag cake.
  • Make homemade ice cream.
  • Build a tree fort.
  • Start a club.
  • Look for fossils at the beach; make fossils at home.
  • Begin a shell collection.
  • Make dandelion chains and leaf crowns.
  • Go butterfly "hunting."
  • Catch fireflies after sunset.
  • Float bark boats along the river's edge.
  • Work in the garden together.
  • Attend a baseball game.
  • Hang tiny white lights in the garden.
  • Make fairy houses and gnome homes.

As always, I'd love to hear your plans for the month - drop me a comment if you have the time: What do you look forward to most this month? And thank you for stopping by - I hope you have a lovely first week of June! :)

"For stately trees in rich array,
For sunlight all the happy day,
For blossoms radiant and rare,
For skies when daylight closes,
For joyous, clear, outpouring song
From birds that all the green wood throng,
For all things young, and bright, and fair,
We praise thee, Month of Roses!

For blue, blue skies of summer calm,
For fragrant odors breathing balm,
For quiet, cooling shades where oft
The weary head reposes,
For brooklets babbling thro' the fields
Where Earth her choicest treasures yields,
For all things tender, sweet and soft,
We love thee, Month of Roses!"

-  Elaine Goodale