A Quick Sunday Night Post ~
The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ August 6th

The August Nature Shelf ~

August is just such a lovely time of year ...


The earth literally explodes in goodness, and there's just the tiniest hint of fall in the air - or rather, I should say the landscape. Our burning bush is tinged with pink, the dry lawn crunches underfoot, and the pumpkins are ripe in the garden. I truly believe it does our hearts good to feel the pull of the seasons changing, and that is why I love keeping a nature table. It's a great spot for displaying the kids' nature finds, but it's also the perfect canvas for expressing my feelings for the season at hand.

And - as I'm sure you all know - there's way more to nature than just four seasons! ;) Even living here in New England - a region famous for our four distinct seasons - we can see that there is so much more to our earth than that. We are doubly blessed - with an ever-changing natural world, and the senses with which to appreciate those subtle changes ...

So, with all that in mind, I decided it was time to retire the early summer theme of the nature table, and warm things up a bit. Here's a quick tour.


At the far left in the corner is a small shelf which holds our storm candle and nature angel (not shown) as well as our favorite book of nature prayers - it's open here to the August page.


Next comes this crusty old crab, and a bit of seashore debris just behind. The boys found all these things at the beach last month - and they were pretty sure the debris - or tools, as they saw them - gave strong evidence toward onshore mermaid activity. :) (They get a lot of intriguing ideas from this book.)


Next, we have our first two pumpkins of the year! (Remember them just a few weeks ago? How time flew!) These are called New England Pie pumpkins, and that's just what we plan to do with them.


That bird's nest will always be a part of our nature shelf, though it does seem to be slowly unraveling. We place all kinds of little things inside it - feathers, acorn caps, squirrel fur (that's the tip of a red tail in there!), dried mushrooms etc. About the two books in the picture - one is an old favorite and the other is a new and fabulous find. The other books on display here are Little Farm by the Sea, Sommer (a wordless picture book) and The Corgiville Fair, our favorite August book, by far.


And finally we have a bouquet of August's flowers, all of them found in our yard. We have butter-and-eggs, clover, blue hydrangea, orange lilies and one big red Shakespeare rose. Oooh, this all smells so good!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little tour of our Nature corner, and I hope, too, that you are enjoying your August - whatever August is like where you live. Don't forget to look around and take note - things will change before you know it. :)

Have a great day, everyone - thank you so much for stopping by!