Another Summer Weekend ...
An afternoon cuppa ...

Home-Learning this Year ~ Grades K, 4 and 8

YellowwildflowerCan you believe there are just three weeks left to the summer? Yes, that's right - Labor Day is three weeks from today! I ask you, where on earth did the summer go? It has truly flown by ... but why does this always surprise me, when it flies by every year?

So, are you nailing down your plans for the new school year? Have you ordered your materials? Have you stocked up on pencils and paper? This is all I can think about these days - books, schedules, calendars, etc. - I can feel my brain cells kick into planning mode even as I type ...

And, like every year, I hope to plan ahead as much as possible. I spent a good bit of time this weekend sketching out our Autumn Semester - 15 weeks between Labor Day and the Winter Solstice (Thanksgiving week excluded). I will limit my planning to this time frame for now - at some point in the late fall (well before Christmas) I will flesh out the rest of the year, tweaking what needs to be tweaked. The Winter/Spring Semester will start up after a leisurely holiday break.

Lots to talk about, lots to share - but I thought I'd start with a post about what we are studying and what resources we're using this year. (So, this is the "what" post - forthcoming will be the "how" and "where" posts.) You might notice a lot of crossover between the 4th and 8th grade resource lists. I do find it easier to keep the history and science subject areas the same for each grade, and we do share some materials - but the work loads will be vastly different. I guess that will make more sense after the "how" post. :)

Bookworm, 8th grade: algebra, writing/reading/vocabulary, world history/current events, biology/physics/nature study, art/music

Crackerjack, 4th grade: math, grammar/spelling/reading, world history/current events, biology/physics/nature study, art/music

Earlybird, Kindergarten: math, language arts, social studies, science/nature study, art/crafts/music and health

Well, that's all I have time for today ... but I'll be back again soon with lots more about our home-learning plans. Enjoy this lovely Monday, wherever you are ~ and as always, thanks so much for stopping by!