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~*A Book Display for Thanksgiving*~

~ The Feast of St. Martin of Tours ~

"Martin went on to become patron saint of beggars, drunks and outcasts. He was known for his gentleness, his unassuming nature and his ability to bring warmth and light to those who were previously in darkness. On the evening of Marintmas he is remembered in many French households with a festival of lanterns, carrying the light throughout the darkened home, singing songs, and sharing a simple cake, perhaps decorated with the symbol of the sun. " (Festivals, Family and Food)

For Martinmas today ...

~ We'll donate a bagful of clothing on our way home from Earlybird's therapy.

~ After lunch, and a good runaround outside (aka recess), we'll have hot spiced cider and "horseshoe" cookies for tea. (Horeshoes tie in with the legend of St. Martin.) While we sip and munch we'll brainstorm ways to be charitable this holiday season. I saved the Boston Sunday Globe Magazine to peruse with the boys - this past weekend was the "Giving" issue.

~ While the boys are playing in the yard, I'll order them warm pajamas and slippers. (I had meant to order them well ahead so I could wrap them up as Martinmas gifts today but per my usual, I procrastinated just a little too long.)

~ Around 3:00, when the light begins to fade, I'll put our Martinmas lanterns up in our front window:


~ We'll enjoy a simple supper of stew served over baked potatoes and we'll hang the first blessings on our Grateful Tree.

~ After supper, I'll head out to my monthly Knitting Circle where I plan to start work on a new scarf. Or maybe I'll just sip my tea and chat.

So those are the plans for the day. Does this all sound idyllic? Yes. Are my days always this idyllic? Hardly.

But I can try my best to bring a little peace, warmth and good cheer to my family in some little way every day. We can take a moment or two to observe a passing season, a special day in our faith. My end goal is not the new pajamas or the perfect tea or the shiny lanterns in the window - it's the memory that will be made, another one to add to the family bank. Every little deposit makes a difference. :)

I hope your Tuesday is filled with all good things. See you again soon!