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Christmas Corners in our Home ...

I'm Baaaaack!

Did you miss me? :)

I missed you all. I missed blogging regularly and hopping online so easily to check in with my online community. Lol, I feel quite rusty right now! It's been ages since I last wrote anything other than a to-do list and I think my poor camera is suffering from neglect.

Well, the problem is, my computer is still achingly slow and prone to crashing at random inopportune moments. Couple that with an ever-tightening schedule (holidays, homeschoolng, home projects, etc.) and it seems I just have no extra time to be on the computer - let alone fight with the computer - but I am going to persevere! I  am going to attempt a post - my first post in *gasp* weeks! - this evening! While I can't promise a daily post right now - at least not until after the holidays - I am going to make a concerted effort to blog as often as I reasonably can.

Because I miss this place. :)

Things have been busy and bustling as usual around here - it seems nothing (except my computer, lol) has slowed down since Thanksgiving. Today we hosted the December meeting of our Nature Club (theme: Winter Birds) and I took lots of pictures. I just got them uploaded and thought I would share.


We had our first real snow of the season yesterday, and a large flock of red-breasted robins visited the yard. They were particularly interested in our holly bushes. 


Ten families visited today - I set up a birdfeeder craft to start. Each child got a wheat bagel half onto which some twine had been tied.  


They smeared the bagels with shortening or lard ... 


And then "decorated" the ornaments with goodies like dried fruits, cracked corn and seeds.


We left the bagels to head out on a walk along the Bike Path out back. We looked for signs of Winter. (OK, truth be told the kids mostly threw snowballs at each other, but it was still a gorgeous day, and the scenery, set off by a dusting of snow was lovely.



At the end of the day I hung the leftover bagels in our tree: 


Happy Winter Solstice, little birdies!

Next month our Nature Club will head north to a Wolf Sanctuary - just in time for January's Full Wolf Moon. :)

OK, I'd best be off now. My computer has not crashed yet but I fear I might be pushing my luck! By the way, I haven't read the comments from the last post yet because I really haven't been online at all during my absence, but I will plan to do so tomorrow; thanks for keeping in touch. Speaking of tomorrow we are in for a humdinger of a snowstorm up here in New England! I'll be taking even more photos and with a little luck I'll be back to blog along with you all again soon.

Thanks for sticking by me, and I hope you are all enjoying these lingering late days of Advent.

Good Night!