On the last day of the year ...
Sunday Pleasantries

*January Learning & Living*

*Well, Good Friday Morning, everyone!*

How was your New Years? I hope it was nice. Ours was very quiet and simple ~ which is just as we like it. After the boys went to bed New Year's eve, Bill and I stayed up for a while. (I can't remember the last time we made it to midnight, lol!) We sipped a champagne cocktail, watched half a movie, and then called it a night for the year. In the morning (after reminding the boys to say Rabbit, Rabbit! before they spoke*) we had French toast for breakfast and then enjoyed a restful day at home. Well, it was restful for those of us who didn't have to shovel. ;)

And so we begin a brand new year! The holiday whirlwind is behind us and it's time to concentrate on the new season before us. I've started putting together a planner for 2009 and I'm writing up new notes for the months of the year. In my head I was going to have the whole year mapped out by today, but I didn't get quite that far. So for now I'll be sharing our January plans with you all. :)

*January Education Notes*

* Book Group: Inkheart (Bookworm), The Tail of Emily Windsnap (Crackerjack)First dogh
* Older boys begin a weekly class at Tufts School of Engineering.
* Earlybird begins a new weekly social skills group.
* Bookworm will attend Activity Night with his tween/teen group.
* We'll be hosting Crackerjack's Boys' Club here later in the month. 
* Nature Club: Field trip to Wolf Hollow in Ipswich, MA
* Movie Field Trip: Inkheart
* Science: We begin a unit study on wolves. (Detailed post about that very soon!)

*Kinderthemes: Evergreen Trees, Winter Birds, Baking Bread*

* Take weekly Winter walks - when it's not too bitter!
* Collect pinecones from our woods; differentiate/classify the types.
* Place evergreen branches in a vase for the nature shelf.
* Take bark rubbings of the evergreen trees we find.Sun bread
* Start a very simple nature notebook with EB. (His first!)
* Learn the "Song of the Pine Tree Fairy" (Flower Fairies of the Winter)
* Make a pinecone fairy - possibly a mama-craft, but I will tell a story to go with it.
* Work on the letter "P" (pine, pop, please, popcorn).
* Pop homemade bubbles on National Bubble Bath Day.
* Make popcorn treats on National Popcorn Day.
* Howl at the Full Wolf Moon
* Make pinecone birdfeeders and little suet feeders made with yogurt cups.
* Fridays will become our bread-baking day ...
* Read books about bread, like Sun Bread (I've ordered Baking Bread with Children for myself!)

*January Home Notes*

* Pack away Christmas decorations.Baking bread
* Tweak the homeeping routines for the winter.
* Investigate purchasing a new freezer. (Our old one died years ago.)
* Watch the market for citrus in season.
* Try making candied zest - recipe from Cooking Light.
* Try making a homemade pot pie. (Possibly the perfect winter dish.)
* Order seed & plant catalogs.
* Keep our birdfeeders consistently well-stocked.
* Ask Bill to set up the heated birdbath.


Next week we'll get back on track with our studies and regular routine, but for now we'll enjoy the end of our holiday break. Today we are expecting (more) snow (though just a little) and this weekend looks to be very cold and bright. Sounds like January to me! :)

Hope your day is a good one ~ see you all again sometime soon ...

*On the first day of the month we always say "Rabbit, Rabbit" before we say ANYTHING else - it's supposed to bring a person good luck all month long. Half the time we forget, but the last one up (most often Bookworm) usually gets to say it because we all confront him before he has a chance to say anything else, lol.

I'm not sure where this originated - I think I got it from my college roommate, Kathy, who sometimes reads my blog, so Kathy (or Mike), if you're reading and remember how Rabbit, Rabbit started, please drop a note! :)