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Winter Morning

From My Desk: Pretty Little Notebooks

As addicted as I am to office supply stores and the myriad materials found within, nothing beats the fun in making my own desk accessories! So, remember the pretty papers I showed you last weekend? Well, here's what I've been up to ...


The papers feature all those sherbert-y colors I love and the cutest little owls. I adore owls these days - and according to the scrapbook store lady, they are very "hot" right now. (Who knew, lol?) I bought several sheets in coordinating colors and patterns. These are all produced by a company called Sassafras. Check out that link - such cute papers! (They even have a blog here.)

So what kind of notebooks did I make up? We'll here we go ...


A budget & marketing notebook. A page to write out the month's budget and all the weekly expenses/shopping lists in between. I even made up a coupon packet for the back cover:


(I'll only add the coupons I'm planning to use each week. I'll take this notebook with me while I shop.)

Next comes a new gardening journal:


(That middle image is a rub-on.) I attached a pencil with some twine. When I walk around the yard making notes it's handy to have a pencil.


This will be a master-to-do list - just a running list of things to "remember."


This is a small assignments notebook I bought at the start of the year. I had intended to use it as a place to write down brief "teacher" notes each day, but I haven't really been using it like I thought - or at all. Maybe the paper will make all the difference, lol! Peeking out from the bottom is an alphabet ribbon pagemarker.


I am particularly excited about this little book. It is a blank "chipboard" tab book made by October Afternoon (a new favorite of mine) with 16 pages of soft, lined paper and 4 tabbed sections inside. I plan to fill it with notes for Earlybird's nature-based K-1 curriculum. Kind of a catchall for my thoughts regarding nature, learning, crafts and simple celebrations for each quarter of the year.

A peek inside:


I stamped those tabs myself, in case you couldn't tell, lol. They're not done very well, but they'll do. :)


I'm so scrap-happy right now, I had to use a little scrap to make a bookmark for myself. I added the monogram tag as an afterthought. 

Speaking of monogram tags, I added a new pagemarker to my current journal:


Another little side-project today - gussying up my new clipboard (the one I posted about last year was long ago commandeered by the kids). 


Those are scrapbook paper punch-out letters - I secured them with a length of clear mailing tape. I use this clipboard to hold any "action items" for the week.

Now, my final picture has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of this post, but I wanted to share it anyway:


As you can see, we got a LOT of snow over the weekend! And in the foreground is one of my leftover birthday cupcakes ~ vanilla cake, penuche frosting. Oh, so very delicious. :)

Well, stay tuned! I still have lots of paper leftover, so there may be more notebooks to show you before long. In the meantime, I  hope you all enjoyed a lovely long weekend. Thanks for stopping by ~ I'll see you all again sometime soon!