February Nature Study Club: Owls by the Sea
Guess whooo paid us a visit last night?

Friday Nature Spot ~ Our Little Winter Wren

"The Carolina Wren's loud and varied repertoire and shy nature mean that it is more often heard than seen. The best opportunity for viewing this energetic and cheerful wren is when it sits on a conspicuous perch while unleashing its impressive song. Pairs may perform lively duets at any time of day and in any season. The duet often begins with introductory chatter by the female, followed by innumerable, ringing variations of tea-kettle-tea-kettle-tea-kettle from her mate." (Birds of New England)

We are blessed to have a pair of Carolina Wrens in our little backyard habitat. I think they might be nesting in our neighbor's front bushes - but they love to visit our feeders. They are particularly fond of the suet and seed-cakes. Their song has become stronger these past few weeks. I've heard them all winter long, but I like to imagine they're getting ready for spring.
(By the way, you can hear their pretty song at this neat website here. And sorry about the slight glare to this photo - it was taken through our learning room window.)

Earlybird and I have enjoyed spotting the wren (and/or his mate) every day at our feeders. He's easy to spot, but shy for the camera. When we hear his song we know to start watching the windows. Next week I'll be picking up a copy of Luba and the Wren to read with EB, and we'll make up a wren page for his Nature Book.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'll be back again sometime soon!