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Deer at Dusk


I was working at the kitchen sink earlier this evening when a movement out the window caught my eye ... we had not one, but two deer grazing out back!


They appeared to be young or female - or perhaps both - I don't know how to tell. They sported no antlers, and the deer on the right was definitely a youngster. They were nibbling away at the smidgens of grass poking up through the thick blanket of pine needles.

Here's the larger of the two:



Gorgeous, isn't he/she?

And here's the younger one:



Adorable. :)

(You know, if it's not the pesky phone lines out front, it's the chain link fence out back wrecking my nature pictures, lol!)

I took these pictures through the rear family room windows - the boys and I were glued to the panes, watching in absolute awe. Usually when we have deer out back (a relatively rare occurrence) they are too skittish to photograph. I swear they can hear the click of the camera! These two, however, were completely aware of our presence (as you can see, they were staring us down!) and even Earlybird's noisy exuberance didn't scare them off. (That boy just does not understand the concept of "Shhhh!")

It wasn't until a walker came down the bike trail that they left us ... 



Their fluffy white tails disappearing into the dark woods.

Boy, what a gift! An absolute gift to have these quiet moments observing such lovely gentle creatures. I just had to "run" here and tell you all about it! We're all quite excited; the boys bombarded Bill as soon as he walked in the door a few minutes ago: 

"DADDY! Guess what? GUESS WHAT?? We had DEEEEEER heeeere!"

Lol, we're such nuts. 

Well, I'm off for now. My family is digging into supper and I've spent enough time online. I hope you all have a pleasant evening - thanks for stopping by and sharing in our exciting special moment!