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Thoughtful Friday ~ The Curious Cat

Poetry Friday ~ The March Sap Moon


Cold nights,
warm days,
sap is sure to run.
Moon looms in
the branches,
waiting for the sun.

Did you see the full moon last night? It was breathtaking!
Technically, the moon was "full" on Wednesday, but it was raining here then. Last night was clear and beautiful, though, so I stood out on our deck, taking pictures through the darkness. I could almost hear the peepers in the woods ~ they won't start stirring for another couple of weeks, but it was fun to imagine.

This past week was a busy one - it really flew by! - and next week brings lots of fun. St. Patrick's Day, St. Joseph's Day, our Maple Sugaring trip and the First Day of Spring! I will post our plans for next week over the weekend. I'm still nailing down all the details. :)

Dont' forget, tomorrow is National Pi Day! (3.14) Are you going to have a little fun with it? Today I'll pull out the Sir Cumference book, and on Sunday we'll make individual pizza pies for lunch and enjoy a delicious grasshopper pie for dessert. I'm going to try to make a chocolate "pi" symbol on the top of the pie. Fun, right? :)

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend ~ I'll check back in again sometime soon!
Happy Friday (the 13th)!

p.s. I just looked out the window and noticed this in the western sky:


Sorry about those pesky telephone wires, but I had to show you the morning moon, too. :)