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Monday Morning Memo: Tree & Earth Week

Soccer Surprise

Crackerjack had his first soccer game of the season yesterday, and the good news is A. he had fun and B. his team won, but the highlight of the morning was the sighting of an enormous raptor at the game! Not only did it land smack dab on the concession stand in the midst of it all, but it politely posed for the cameras for a good half hour or so. It was so funny - there we were, sitting on the sidelines, keeping an eye on CJ (who was playing defense at the time) when I noticed him elbow his co-defender and point to something in the distance, just behind where we were sitting. Then I heard him exclaim (bear in mind the game was stalled at the other end of the field at this moment) ...

"Look at that HUGE bird!"




We're not sure what kind of hawk this is (and we're assuming it's a hawk, not a falcon or eagle, but we could be wrong), but it was easily the biggest we've ever seen. We looked it up in our favorite bird book and the closest we found was a red-shouldered hawk (not that his shoulders look all that red, actually). What do you all think?

And oh yes, I should show you a picture of Crackerjack in action:


And hey, while I'm thinking of it, did anyone notice the slight change to my blog template? Radical, I know, lol - but I am thinking of toying with it a bit more. It's only been like three years since I've changed anything about my design, lol!

So keep a sharp eye out for more changes around here - starting with some new sidebar book-lists later today!

Happy Sunday, everyone!