Wordless Wednesday ~ Easter's on Its Way
To all my dear readers ...

The Full Pink Moon


Its hard to tell from this picture, but last night's moon rose - truly - in Easter egg pink!

So very lovely.

The boys noticed it around 7 p.m. while watching the BoSox with Bill, and naturally, they called it to my attention.
So I put down the dishcloth and headed for the backyard ...
and spent the next several minutes outside taking pictures.

Listening to peepers.
Watching ducks fly overhead.
Peering into the dark woods.
Shivering in the cold.

The full moon was amazing -
- but ten minutes later it was gone.
Hidden beneath a thick cloud cover.

I'm glad we looked when we did. :)

Check it out this evening, if you have a chance;
the April moon is full, technically, tonight.

The Frog Moon
Frogs sit in the marshes,
throats bellowed tight,
feeling quite romantic,
calling through the night.
Come my love, my love, my love,
Come be mine tonight.