June in the Learning Room
June's Full Strawberry Moon ...

And what do we have here ...? (Update!)



Can you guess what we found trapped in the birdfeeder yesterday?


Update ~ This little guy is actually a chipmunk! 

I was sitting at the table in the learning room last evening, and through the open windows I could hear this strange and incessant scratching sound. When I looked out the window I could see a faint shadow scrambling about in the bottom of one of the feeders. This is the "cage" feeder as we call it - it's supposed to keep out squirrels, lol, but some time ago it lost its cover to raiding raccoons. Ever since the red squirrel started visiting it (diving in and out at leisure) I've been happy to leave it as is - however, when the seed has been emptied out (coons again) the tiny chipmunk gets trapped inside! I guess he doesn't have quite as much spring in his step as the squirrels. ;)
So I approached and the poor little thing stilled. As I snapped pictures I noticed its breathing was fast and heavy. I could have gotten more pictures before I let it out, but I didn't want to prolong its torture. I took the feeder down and laid it out on the ground. Within seconds the critter was off with a squeak high-tailing it into the shrubbery.

Another little nature story for the books. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday. The boys and I are going to see Night in the Museum 2 later today. We'll be back this weekend with our reviews!