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Happy October!

A bit more on the lesson planner ...

One of my readers, Dawn V., asked about my lesson plan book and I was able to find it online when I did a quick "google" just now. (That's officially a verb now, right?)

It is made by the Elan Publishing Company out of Meredith, NH. I buy mine every year (and have done so for years) at my favorite local teacher shop. It used to cost me around $5; now it's closer to $10. It's a great price for a very efficient plan book. Here's the link (planner #208).

The lesson book is divided into a grid of five vertical blocks (days of the week) by eight horizontal blocks (subjects). All the blocks are lined which I love. 

My eight blocks are designated in this way:

General Notes (events/activities/appointments)
Earlybird's K/1 activities
Earlybird - other (extra things we did)
American History
Science/Nature Study
Crackerjack & Bookworm - other (extra things they did)

(I should point out I do use my children's real names in my planner lol.)

I always write in pencil and I use colorful post it notes for jotting down random ideas and observations. I check items off as they are accomplished and fill the planner in over the weekend for the most part. During the day, the planner lies open on the kitchen island with the weekly file folder open beside it. 

So far it has worked fairly well. :)


I hope that helps Dawn, and whoever else was interested in knowing more about the lesson plan book!