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New & Old in the Learning Room

So clearly I'm finding it hard to fit posting into our back-to-school life. I am trying to do better, still looking for that balance - always looking for that balance it seems. How are you finding your new school year - off to a good start I hope? :)

It was such a gorgeous day here yesterday - sunny, warm, windy. Golden in the way that only early fall can be. I spent the morning at the doctor's leaving the kids with independent work to complete under their nana's watchful eye. After lunchtime we got a bit more done, but soon I called it a day (ringing the dismissal bell as it were) and turned my attention to the housework that got neglected over the weekend.

And of course you know how I get when that soft afternoon light starts filling my learning room with a cozy cheerful glow. I took some pictures of this and that - a few new things to show you, a few same old, same old. I hope you enjoy a little of both. :)


Our September nature shelf - filled with books, nests, examples of autumn seeds, faded flowers gone to seed, a few shells and bits of sea glass from summer jaunts.


These were the first turned leaves we found at the end of August. We always make a big deal of those first pretty leaves.

These are just some flowers gone to seed. I liked the way they looked here in the shade and the sunlight.


So this is kind of fun new idea! I made this up as a way to display the daily date for the kids. The beige doily is actually a large piece of scrapbooking paper. I used small clear self-adhesive pockets (found at a local paper store), and cut word-strips purchased at the teacher supply store to fit inside. We change the pockets up day by day. 


My meal planning basket - inside is a baggie of coupons and a small planbook for marketing lists and weekly dinner menus. I will post more on this new (and so far successful) system in a future post. :)


My work corner - clear plastic bins with craft and lesson supplies, tote bag with bulkier teacher manuals, my pocketbook, etc. The good old file crate in the corner, cat basket above/in-basket below. (The cat basket used to hold magazines but I gave up trying to keep Smokey out of it and instead placed a blanket in there for him.)


More work space - The Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady open to a pretty autumnal verse, my current reading pile (the first in the Mistmantle series (for book group), The Gift of an Ordinary Day and the latest Spiderwick), my ridiculous stack of magazines and my lesson planning materials:


Planning Binder (I have a thing for owls if you haven't noticed).


A peek inside - it's still a work in progress.


My weekly lesson planner - in which I write down all 3 boys' lessons for each day of the week.


And of course, the file folder for this week. :)


A close-up of my pretty pencil mug - it's actually a creamer I love filled with silk flowers, writing instruments and a Halloween pop I bought at Whole Foods (just for fun).


Earlybird's bulletin board, where I display things he's working on. Below the board is a small nature shelf just for EB:


Seed examples (pinecone, helicopter, acorn) and a poem/prayer book open to a particularly lovely page.


New letters for the wall - soon to be painted dusky blue.


And finally, a new little mascot - a gift from my friend Beth. :)

Hope you enjoyed this peek at a few new things in our learning room this year! And I also  hope you are all enjoying the unfolding fall. Be back again just as soon as I can! :)