Icicles in the Sun
A Few Happy Things

A note on the carnation experiment:

I've had several people mention that they've had little luck with the carnation experiment in the past. I was just replying to a friend of mine when I realized maybe the trick is in cutting the stems short ...

Before placing the stems in their glasses of water, I cut them to approximately 6 inches in length. I only did this because the flowers would fit better inside the small glasses, but now I am thinking it also enabled the food dye to reach the flower more quickly and perhaps more efficiently. 

My mum had a good suggestion too - the next day I tried snipping the ends once again - this time just a trim - and the sure enough, the flowers deepened their shades. They are still sitting alive and well on our window sill (up high out of the way of the cat)! 

I hope you all have a nice Sunday ... today I'll be turning the dining room back into a learning room (now that the tree is finally down and put away). And I'll continue tinkering with my new blog template and sidebars this afternoon ... you've probably noticed I've changed a few things. :) The banner is a scanned sheet of "vintage" scrapbooking paper ~ I liked the colors, the flowers, and the little hint of nature (a favorite theme of mine here). Many thanks to my dear husband for spending several hours yesterday working on that banner - positioning it just right, adding the text, figuring out the CSS codes. He saved me a lot of time and frustration! 

And yes ... I took down my photo. I figured it was time - I think everyone knows what I look like by now, lol! And I think (or I hope) I look pretty much the same as I did four years ago when Crackerjack took that picture of me. It's still on my "profile" page, I believe.

And I have not forgotten the minutes from my Blog meeting ~ I will get those written up just as soon as I can. :)

Have a wonderful Sunday, my friends!