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Question of the Day ~ What's on the Menu?

A Delicious Recipe! And a Bakeware ?

First thing on today's agenda, a recipe to share:

Chicken and Sweet Onion Sandwiches with Mixed Greens Salad



I had to tell you all about the delicious supper we had last night! I found the above recipe in a recent issue of Everyday with Rachel Ray magazine. Now, I'm not a big fan of onions myself, but it sounded like something Bill would really like - so we tried it last night and not only was the dish easy to make, but it was absolutely delicious! I even ate the onions, and that's saying something lol! Bookworm loved it - Crackerjack not so much - and Earlybird stuck to his leftover homemade pizza. It made 5 servings, so Bill has a couple of nice lunches for himself this week.

Isn't it fun when you find a new recipe to add to your regular rotation?

Ok, the next thing to discuss this morning, have any of you tried baking brownies with this?

Perfect Brownie Pan

I've seen the tv ad for this contraption a few times now, and as with most commercials, I tend to tune out the specifics, but Crackerjack brought my attention to it and I had to admit, it sounds pretty neat. My kids do love brownies, but somehow they never come out neatly from the pan. We usually end up with lots of brownie crumbles and/or a pan of stale brownie edges.

Just thought I'd ask before I pop it into my Amazon cart. ;)

Hope you all have a nice Wednesday!