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FCS Questions: Where does it all end up?

Good Friday Morning, my friends! I had hoped to have this up earlier in the week, but alas, free time has been scarce these past few days. There are still several questions to address re ~ the file crate system, and today's question comes from Shonda:

O.k., let's see if I've got this. :) File week specific items into the appropriate folder, action items go onto your clip board, items that you want to do next year stay in the file (?) and then at the end of the year do you move those saved items into the brand new file folders for the new year? Do you then purge the things like e-mails re: Haiti and fantasy b-ball picks? I am so very challenged in this area and really need a lot of hand holding! :) Thank you!

Generally speaking, Shonda, things that will be useful to me again next year stay in the folders (or I should say, are moved into the new year's folders). Anything else gets tossed (i.e. recycled).

To clarify, I'm going to cite a few examples ... 

Example 1: Last weekend I received an email with information about a field trip we’re attending this week. We are all registered - in other words, I don’t have to reply or anything - so I filed it in my weekly folder. 

    --> When I go through the files at the end of the year I will remove this paper - noting the experience on our end of year reports - and recycle it.

Example 2: I have a printout of information regarding a science lab I want to sign Bookworm up for. This went on my clipboard as it is an “action item” - I need to place a phone call to register Bookworm. Once I’ve made the call I will file the paper in the folder for the week it's taking place. (I probably will make notes on the sheet regarding the phone call itself.)

    --> When I go through the files at the end of the year I will remove the paper - noting the lab experience on his end of year report - and recycle it.

Example 3: I have an email reminder for this month’s Book Group meeting - it names the title selection and parent leader information. I had originally placed it on the clipboard because I needed to take action - I needed to get a copy of the book for the boys. Once I got the book, I filed the sheet back in the weekly folder. 

    --> When I go through the files at the end of the year I will remove the paper - noting the book title on the boys' annual reading lists - and recycle it.

Example 4: I have a printout of a recipe for a “jello poke cake.” I thought it would be fun to make with the boys for New Year’s Eve/Day (a white cake with multicolor jello swirls). We didn’t end up making it but I left it in that week’s folder anyway. 

    --> When I go through the files at the end of the year I will leave that printout in the New Year’s week folder, hoping to try it next year.

Example 5: I have a printout regarding the Mass Audubon Focus on the Feeders project. It’s actually a copy I made a couple of years ago, but I keep it filed in the January/February hanging folder so when I’m planning ahead I remember this activity and can possibly work a "backyard birds" theme into our plans.

Example 6: I keep my homeschool group's monthly newsletter stored in the current week's folder. At the end of the month, I store it in the front of the January-February hanging folder. At the end of the year it helps me remember things we did, and looking ahead to next year it reminds me of annual activities to look forward to/incorporate into our plans.

I hope this helps you see how various bits of information move around in the file crate system. Basically I hold onto things that will - or could - be useful again, and purge most everything else. 

My "purge and prep" weekend takes place in mid to late June as my crate follows an academic year schedule. In some years I just bundle the files and store them with the calendar from the year (and any work that we save), but in an effort to be less of a pack rat, I am trying to get rid of things once they've been recorded in our annual reports.

As always, thanks for stopping by and please let me know if I can go into further detail - in the meantime, have a great day! :)