Don't worry ... he's ok!
Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Friday's This and That

Heading into the Valentine's Day weekend ...


.. and boy-oh-boy, it's a busy day here! I am well on the mend ... making cookies for the homeschool Valentine's party ... dropping them off at the church on our way to Teen Bowling. Giving a spelling quiz, admiring a food chain poster, correcting a "Giant Panda" report, and a couple of math lessons ... assigning a new chapter of this, reading about rabbits, practicing s-blends, tallying our bird count (and calculating percentages) ... 


Did I mention we were busy today? ;)

Thinking about next week too - Lent is upon us! Guess it's about time I came up with some plans for my family ... In the meantime, Abraham Lincoln's birthday is (was?) TODAY ... I will pick up a jelly roll (aka a "Lincoln Log") for dessert on the way home from bowling. 

(Our "Abe Tea" from 2007.) 

(And here's hoping Bill picks up pizza on his way home from work!)

Going to the Percy Jackson movie tomorrow - and a birthday party too! Hosting a family Valentine's Day brunch on Sunday and SO glad Bill has Monday off. We'll need a day to rest after these super busy few days!

Sorry this post is a bit scattered, but I really just wanted to pop in and say hi. :) I hope this week has been a good one for you, and my best wishes that you have a happy, healthy, holiday weekend. I'll see you all again sometime soon!