Goodbye January ...
Wordless Wednesday

Hello February!

I made a few changes in the learning room (and surrounding areas) to reflect the new month upon us ...


First we have Earlybird's bulletin board. I added some red doily hearts to the snowflake border as well as all new February-inspired sight word cards:


Here's an impromptu February book display under the windows. The holiday books were all hidden in the Winter book basket so I decided to put them in the spotlight - or the sunlight I guess you could say. :)


And we turned the page on the homeschool calendar:


This is the boys' calendar to maintain. We're much busier than all those blank spaces suggest lol - we have yet to fill in this month's grid. ;)

By the way, all the boys are feeling better (must have been a 24-hour kind of thing) and the really big news in the Sun-and-Candle household today: Crackerjack got his braces on this morning! He looks so cute!

Hope your February is off to a great start ...